Why You Should Invest in Bird Repellent Spray

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If birds are causing problems for your home or business, then it is time for you take action to make your property bird-free. There are many options for bird control, but the best option is to invest in an effective bird repellent spray.

Why You Should Invest in Bird Repellent Spray

Here are 5 reasons to invest in bird repellent spray:

 1) Bird Repellent Spray is Affordable

      • You can make your property bird-free without breaking your bank.
      • Other bird control methods can be expensive due to the amount of labor involved.
      • The cost of bird repellent spray can be as low as $12.50 per acre per treatment.

 2) Bird Repellent Spray Results Last Longer

    • Birds cannot get used to the unpleasant feeling that comes with the chemicals found in bird repellent spray.
    • This means that birds will stay away from areas on your property that are sprayed with bird repellent.

 3) Bird Repellent Spray Will Not Damage Your Crops

      • Not only will bird repellent spray not damage your crops, it actually reduces your crop losses caused by birds by 37-87 percent.
      • Bird repellent spray stays only on the skin of your crops, preserving the natural taste of the crops.
      • You will not have to worry about your crops being unsafe for consumption or being altered in taste.

 4) Bird Repellent Spray Is Safe For You and Your Family

      • Bird repellent spray is suitable to be used around people, pets and vegetation.
      • You will not have to worry about bird repellant spray harming your family or property.
 5) Bird Repellent Spray Can Be Used Outdoors or Indoors
    • Bird repellent spray can be effective for up to 2 weeks in outdoor application.
    • It will last much longer when used indoors in areas such as dairy barns, storage/packing sheds and other non-inhabited structures.

Learn more about Avian Control’s bird repellent spray today and make your property bird-free!

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Why You Should Invest in Bird Repellent Spray