Aerial vs. Ground Application Methods

Aerial vs. Ground Application

When it comes to bird spray, choosing an application method is a personal preference. Whether you choose aerial or group application methods, spray deterrents are successful because they can be used less frequently with greater results. Although there are pros and cons to each method, the overall results from liquid bird deterrents are striking. No matter the method you use, a liquid bird deterrent such as Avian Control is perfect for agricultural areas, airplane hangars, grassy fields and golf courses.

Aerial Application Method

Aerial application of bird repellent spray is completed through the use of an agricultural aircraft. Aerial spray applications are typically cheaper in the long run and more efficient because you can cover large areas of land very quickly. For as efficient as the aerial method is, there are downfalls because the application is messy. There are also environmental issues because the spray may shift onto unwanted areas when there is a breeze.

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Ground Application Method

Ground application works best on a smaller area of land because it is more time consuming. Many find ground application methods to be productive because there is a lower chance of missing your targeted area and the spray won’t be as affected by changes in the wind. However, ground application takes longer than the aerial method and the health and safety of the sprayer should also be taken into account.

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Why Use a Bird Repellent Spray?

Whether you choose an aerial or ground application for your bird repellent spray, the results are remarkable. In addition to the initial decrease in bird activity after using the Avian Control spray, birds eventually learn to avoid the areas that had been previously sprayed, increasing its effectiveness long term. Avian Control is also non-lethal and EPA-registered so there is no harm to birds, people or other animals.

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Repel Birds Today with Avian Control

With Avian Control, the deterrent is designed to be released via an aerial spray or through ground application depending on the method you prefer. No matter the choice you make, you’ll still see great results. When you need to get rid of pesky birds, Avian Control is the only spray that works. Contact Avian Control today at 888.868.1982 for more information.

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Aerial vs. Ground Application Methods