How to Prevent Birds from Roosting & Nesting

More and more, people are finding that preventing birds from building their nests altogether is a better way to deter birds from properties. If they learn not to even start building homes on your home or property, chances are they won’t come back all season. Here are some tips on how to prevent birds from roosting and nesting on or around your property.

What is Bird Roosting and Nesting?

Birds come and go as lords of the sky but when they land they need a place to call their own. This is where roosting and nesting comes from! Not all birds nest and the ones that do will abandon their nests by the end of August when their young are able to live on their own. Roosting is the practice of some bird species to keep a place to sleep at night, generally some place high and away from predators, like barn rafters. However, these nests and roosting locations can potentially carry diseases or occupy inconvenient locations for humans.

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Scare Tactics for Bird Removal

One quick ways to prevent birds from roosting and nesting is to use scare tactics to make wild birds aware that the area is not welcoming. Scare tactics include:

  • Plastic Predators – One of the things birds use a owl decoy for bird controlroost for is to keep an eye out for predators. You can install a plastic owl or coyote to scare birds away from a certain area. Plastic predators need to moved frequently to avoid birds realizing they’re not real.
  • Noise Machines – Noise machines that project bird distress call or predatory noises can help create an uncomfortable living condition for birds but make sure that your neighbors are ok with this as well or that the setting is low enough not to disturb them.

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Create a Physical Bird Barrier

Creating a physical barrier is a great way to prevent birds from roosting and nesting in specific areas or to keep them off of building roofs and ledges. Types of physical barriers include:

  • Bird Spikes – Best used on building ledges and other flat surfaces, the spikes will deter larger birds from roosting or building nests. Bird spikes do require cleaning once in awhile as falling debris can begin to collect in between them.
  • Bird Netting – Using a bird netting can keep specific areas, such as a garden, off limits to birds. Netting can also help to keep other pesky critters out as well.
  • Bird Wire – Bird wire works similar to netting by utilizing a series of poles to run a wire along a ledge. The poles vary in height and once the wire is run, it creates an uneven landing place for the birds which helps train them to stay away.

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Implement a Bird Repellent

Gel Repellent – Bird repellent gels can be used to spread on an area. The gel will irritate a bird’s senses which creates an inhospitable living space for birds. Birds gels require clean up with a solvent solution.

Liquid Spray Repellent – Liquid repellent works in the same way as a gel repellent but doesn’t require a messy clean-up afterwards. A great repellent comes in a variety of sizes, is long-lasting and cost-efficient for any property.

Prevent Roosting and Nesting with Avian Control!

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How to Prevent Birds from Roosting & Nesting
Prevent birds from roosting and nesting on your property with these tips from Avian Enterprises.
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How to Prevent Birds from Roosting & Nesting