Avian Control

Avian Control® is a new, patent-pending, EPA-registered liquid bird repellent that will eliminate your bird problems. The product was developed to address problems associated with current less effective, old technology repellents currently on the market. Avian Control® uses cutting edge technology to efficiently repel undesirable birds without harming the birds, humans or other animals (including household pets).

Avian Control® Uses

Avian Control® is EPA-registered for use on numerous crops to prevent damage from foraging birds. The repellent is effective against many types of nuisance birds including geese, pigeons, starlings and grackles. All of the ingredients in Avian Control® are food grade.

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Avian Control® Bird Repellent Pricing Chart

Application of Avian Control® Repellent

Avian Control® can be either fogged or sprayed and is compatible with both types of equipment for ease of application. It is designed for effective use – less often, in less quantity and to better effect. In outdoor applications, Avian Control® has a life expectancy of up to two weeks, but the results last much longer because birds “learn” to avoid areas treated with Avian Control®. While non-lethal to birds, it acts as an irritant discouraging birds from amassing. The dual application methods (fogging or spraying) are ideal for airplane hangars, grassy fields, golf courses or large properties.

bird control chemicals with avian control
  • Prevents pest birds from damaging crops, business and airport structures and golf courses
  • Non-lethal and mild enough to use around people and animals
  • Low cost treatment–as little as $12.50 per acre!
  • Simple application via ground, aerial spraying or fogging
  • Effective for up to two weeks for outdoor applications–and much longer for indoor!

bird control for growers with avian control

Avian Control® For Growers

Growers report that bird damage to individual crops may vary from 20 to 100 percent in some seasons. This level of crop loss may mean the difference between a profitable season or losing money. Operators of buildings, airports, athletic fields and other public spaces may be subject to expensive repairs and remediation as a result of damage from pest birds. Much, if not all, of this damage can be eliminated by using Avian Control® in a bird control program.

A Cost-Effective Pest Bird Solution

The cost of using Avian Control® is minimal. At the suggested rate of 24 ounces per acre (43,560 square feet), the cost per application may be less than $19.00. When offset by higher crop yields or dramatically reduced repair and remediation costs, Avian Control® is the least expensive and most effective method of bird control available. When compared to bird spikes, audio alert systems, lasers and other less effective methodologies, Avian Control® provides the user with the greatest possible economic advantage.

As the population of pest birds continues to grow, the level of damage faced by growers, property managers and others will increase. By taking advantage of the unique properties of Avian Control® to manage the growing pest bird problem, the users can assure themselves that they have applied the most modern technology available in their effort to mitigate bird damage.

Avian Control® Bird Repellent is manufactured by Avian Enterprises, LLC.

Solve your bird problems with Avian Control®