How to Repel Birds

The snow is melting, the grass is getting greener and the sweet melodies of birds migrating back to Michigan fill the air. The sounds of birds chirping may sound pleasant at first, but the messes they cause when spring is in full swing may not be so pleasant. Here are a few ways you can repel noisy birds so you can enjoy the warmer weather without their droppings.

Short-term Bird Repellent Methods

Whether you need to repel birds from your home, crops or professional business, here are few quick methods you can try:

  • Bird Gel is a transparent, sticky substance you can caulk onto surfaces. Birds dislike the feeling and remember not to land on that surface, but it will need to be replaced often and you will need a lot of it to cover large surfaces.  
  • Flash Tape is a brightly colored strip of shiny, metallic ribbon that you can tack or nail to a high post or branch to deter birds from the area. The ribbon sways in the wind to distract the birds and can be moved around. Works best on windy days.scarecrow
  • Noise Makers come in a variety of options, from electric to manual shakers, and work as a scare tactic to repel birds. However, if used frequently they may cause you more annoyance than necessary.
  • Netting is generally for larger areas to keep birds away from produce. Setting up the netting is long and tedious, especially since a single tear will render the netting useless. 

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How to Repel Birds: Long-term Methods

While each of the aforementioned methods work to successfully repel birds off your property, nothing compares to the long-term guarantee of investing in liquid bird repellent. Once you get tired of changing the short-term products every few days, try an FDA-approved bird repellent that comes with all of these benefits:

  • Up to 2 weeks of effective treatment
  • Non-lethal ingredients that are mild enough for people and animals
  • Ground, aerial spraying or fogging application options
  • Low treatment costs

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Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or long-term relief from pesky birds, Avian Control is the liquid bird repellent for all of your bird repelling needs. If you’re looking for a sure way on how to repel birds, call our bird repellent specialists today at 888.868.1982 and we’ll help you find the right solution for you!

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How to Repel Birds