Best Avian Control Applications for Dairy Barn Operators

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Dairy barns can easily become infested with birds during the colder months. This pest bird infestation can lead to shortages in livestock feed, damage to barn structures and even help problems for humans and animals alike. Make sure your dairy barn stays bird free with Avian Enterprises. Our product, Avian Control, solves your bird problems for good.

What is the Best Way to Apply Avian Control?

To maximize the effectiveness of Avian Control liquid bird repellent, we recommend using the BirdBuffer thermal fogger to create a mist or fog that can be sprayed inside the entire dairy barn. The best way to use these products in tandem for maximum bird repelling results are to:

BirdBuffer Thermal Fogger Using Avian Control

  1. Mist in the early morning hours
  2. Mist twice in the first week
  3. Mist once weekly thereafter until the dairy barn is bird-free

And it’s as simple as that! This application method usually requires up to four or more applications as you change the behavior of the birds over time.

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Is Avian Control Safe to Mix with Feed?*

Yes! Avian Control liquid bird repellent is designated as a non-toxic substance and is safe for use around humans and livestock. We recommend directly misting or fogging the feedstuffs in the early morning hours on a daily basis for the first two weeks to maximize effectiveness. Avian Control is also 100 percent safe to be used in vineyards, apple orchards and many other crops.


Can I Mix Avian Control with Water?

Avian Control works best when it is mixed with a neutral or only slightly alkaline water solution. If you are using acidic well water, be sure to neutralize the water before using it with the Avian Control mixture. Avian Control is resistant to most irrigation methods as well as light to moderate rain. A heavy rainfall will require a reapplication of Avian Control. Otherwise, bird repellent is expected to provide up to two weeks of protection or more before another spray.

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Protect Your Dairy Barns from Birds with Avian Control, Today!

Don’t let pest birds take over your properties. Protect your dairy barn today with Avian Enterprises. Shop now or contact us or give us a call for more information.

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The Best Bird Control Application Method for Dairy Barn Operators
Learn the best bird control applications to protect your dairy barn from pest birds with Avian Enterprises.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Best Avian Control Applications for Dairy Barn Operators