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Birds lingering on your premises? Tell them to take their business elsewhere!


Evict nuisance birds from your home’s siding, flowers and gardens with a…
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Eliminate pest birds from airport runways, structures and equipment.

World’s Greatest

We are excited and honored to be recognized as one of the “World’s Greatest!” products on Network Television. The episode featured Avian Control, Avian Migrate Goose and Bird Repellent, and Avian Fog Force Time Release.

Welcome to Avian Enterprises®

Eliminate your bird problems with Avian Enterprises®! Whether they’re damaging your crops or posing a toxic threat to your commercial business, Avian Enterprises® is a mild and effective way to eradicate pest birds. Our product is EPA-registered and was established to address problems associated with the current, less effective and outdated bird repellents. Using cutting edge technology, Avian Enterprises® was developed to efficiently repel undesirable birds without causing harm not only to the birds, but to humans and other animals as well.

Avian Migrate

What Our Customers Are Saying

Charles Young - Findlay, OH

“Had all kinds of birds in the pole barn where the machinery is. After first time spraying, they were mad!! The spray kept them down but the real test is next Spring when they come back. We used some in the horse barn, too, but that’s harder to spray up high the way the barn is designed. We’ll try again next year to see how it works.” **I recommended FFTR for the horse barn and he is going to look at the website and read about it.
- Charles Young

Avian Enterprises® Effective, non-lethal bird repellent

Innovative, EPA-registered bird repellent that will effectively eliminate all of your bird problems.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jack C. Hansen Orchard - Orem, UT

“We just have a small cherry orchard, about a dozen trees, but need Avian Control® to keep the birds away. It works great and we’ve used it since it was introduced on the market in 2012!”
- Jack C. Hansen