Three Ways to Prevent Birds from Getting Into the Attic

birds in attic

Like humans, birds are seeking shelter and food for survival. As they are looking for a safe space to begin nesting, they may end up in your attic. To prevent these creatures from getting into your home, there are precautions you can take. If you’re wondering specifically how to get birds out of attic areas, here are three methods you can try.

How to Get Birds Out of Attic Areas with Steel Screens

Birds are often able to maneuver through small holes in the roof or siding of a home to get into the attic. Inspect your home for any holes or vulnerable areas such as the chimney or outside vents. Install a tight mesh steel screen to keep birds from going in and out of those small holes and make your attic a nesting area.

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How to Get Birds Out of Attic Areas using Birdhouses


Birds end up in your home on their mission to find shelter. To help them out, set up one or two birdhouses around your property. These birdhouses should be placed far away from your home in areas where you’re fine with birds hanging around. Birds, such as woodpeckers, will choose easily accessible houses over your attic, just make sure to:

  • Place houses high off the ground
  • Provide a “landing stick” for easy access
  • Create the right sized opening to fit most birds
  • Keep away from your home or hangout areas

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How to Get Birds Out of Attic Areas by Removing Appealing Items

Birds will be less likely to nest in your attic if you remove what’s attracting them. Other than shelter, birds are also seeking food sources. Remove appealing items that birds are looking for, and they will stop coming around. Items attracting birds include:

  • Pet food. Hungry birds find food appealing. To avoid lingering leftovers, feed your pets indoors instead of outdoors.
  • Trash. Birds can also be attracted to human leftovers. Don’t leave food outside and keep heavy lids on your garbage cans.
  • Bird feeders. If your bird feeders are attracting too many birds, remove them or place them further away from your home.  
  • Crops. If you’re growing crops, these can attract birds. Protect your crops and be sure to remove fruit, vegetables, grains, or nuts before the birds get to them. 

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Let Avian Control Keep Birds Out Of Your Attic

Avian Control is a liquid bird repellent proven to be one of the best bird repellents on the market for residential home use. Avian Control is non-toxic and safe to use around humans and pets as well as not being harmful to birds. 

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Three Ways to Prevent Birds from Getting Into the Attic