Airport Bird Control Methods

Airports are busier than ever, meaning that one small delay can cause chaos to your carefully calculated routes and time schedules. However, many of these things, such as bird strikes, can be prevented. Small and large birds alike can find their way into engines, jamming up gears and creating lengthy (and not to mention gross) repair jobs.

Instead of passengers suffering through long delays—and birds suffering an untimely death—follow these easy and simple bird control tactics.

Minimize food sources
Birds will always flock to a quick, easy meal, so be sure that any type of food is kept secured and out of bird’s eye view. This can mean putting rules in place about employees eating outside and ensuring restaurants in the terminal are using sturdy trash bags and are closing them tightly. 

Manage the presence of other critters 

Free food doesn’t have to be leftovers. Larger birds, such as vultures or condors, may graze the terminal looking for mice and rats scurrying across the tarmac. Employing tactics to reduce or eliminate rodent issues, may also help to diminish your bird problems. 

Clear the trees

Birds are naturally drawn to trees, as they provide shelter, resting spots, and sometimes even food. Logically, if your airport is located near a heavily-wooded area, you can expect to have more birds flying around on take-off. Clearing trees that surround the property could help to reduce bird complications. 

Trim the lawn

Some birds, as well as other wildlife, can take refuge in tall grass. Tall vegetation can provide coverage from larger birds who may be on the hunt. On the contrary, other birds prefer shorter vegetation, as it makes it easier to spot their own food and allows them to see any predators that might be on the prowl. You’ll need to research the particular species you’re having problems with to be sure you cut to the right length.

Treat the tarmac with bird repellent 

The easiest and most effective way to mitigate bird strikes is by spraying the tarmac with an EPA-registered liquid bird repellent. Bird repellent provides a protective coat along your airstrip, making it undesirable for birds to land on. The spray itself is completely safe for the birds, humans, and other animals.

Control your tarmac with Avian Control

Avian Control is specially designed to safely and effectively reduce or eliminate birds from your property. The formula is recognized by the EPA as a safe form of bird control and is trusted by airports, farmers, and landowners around the country. 

Shop our products today or consult with a bird control expert to discover how Avian can help control what is flying in or out of your airport.

Airport Bird Control Methods