Airport Bird Control Methods


Airports are a hub of cultural diversity and travel. The emotions in the air are a mix of excitement and frustration. That frustration comes from delayed flights and technical issues like birds flocking to your tarmac, posing a risk for takeoff. Learn how to clear your tarmac of birds and keep your customers happy.

Cleanliness is Key

Birds and other pests linger in areas where there is food. Lucky for them, airports are a hub of food and hungry travelers. In order to limit birds in the area, regulate food waste. If your airport food courts and restaurants are throwing their food away without tightly securing waste bags, birds will find it. Another way to minimize birds is to make sure your employees on the tarmac aren’t eating outdoors.

Keep Land Near the Airport Clear

It’s common knowledge that birds nest in trees. It would only make sense that having an airport near woodland areas will cause more birds in the area. Make sure trees within your airports limits are chopped and leveled.

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Treat the Tarmac With Bird Repellent

Bird repellent is a liquid spray that rids the area of pest birds. Make sure the bird repellent you purchase is EPA registered and safe to use around humans and pets. Bird repellent is easy to apply and should last a few days per treatment.

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Control Your Airport With Avian Control

Avian Control is the bird repellent that will give you control of your airport. Each treatment lasts for up to two weeks outdoors, making maintenance a breeze. Plus, treatments are approximately $12.50 each so it won’t break the bank. Shop now with Avian Enterprises or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

Airport Bird Control Methods
Learn how to keep birds away from your airport with Avian Enterprises.
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Airport Bird Control Methods