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Cherry Picking Season is Here! Keep Birds Away from Trees

Springtime brings fresh fruit and chirping birds. This can lead to problems, especially for cherry growers. These birds are constantly on the lookout for a new source of food. After all the hard work put into growing cherry trees, the last thing a grower wants is pest birds ruining them. No matter the use for cherry crops, there are plenty of different options that can help to keep birds away.

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How to Care for Cherries – From Spring to Harvest

Cherry trees are often planted not just for fruit, but for the blossoms they grow. Cherries have a variety of uses – from snacking to baking to making into jam. Cherries can be expensive at the grocery store, and planting a tree or two in the backyard can help save money on this versatile fruit. Follow these tips to care of cherry trees at home or on large acres of land.

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Keep Birds Away from Food Facilities this Summer

Summer is already here and so are the birds! These little animals can be attractive, but they can also bring contamination to your business. Birds carry over 60 transmissible diseases and can be easily spread through other animals or even humans. Food facilities are constantly affected by pest birds and trying to keep up with health codes. Follow these helpful tips to keep birds away from food facilities this summer.

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