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“Thank you for your guidance for the usage of the Avian on the wet rice paddy field. We have done our first and second applications for our pilot project with the Malaysian Department of Agriculture. Bird quantities were reduced by more about than 90% from the usual day. The customers are very pleased with the result.”

Noryous Birds and Wildlife Services
Penang, Malayisa

Avian Control® now exclusively represented in Malaysia

Avian Control® Bird Repellent announces an exclusive contract with Noryous Birds and Wildlife Services of Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. Noryous Birds and Wildlife Services is responsible for representing Avian Control® Bird Repellent and servicing the industrial and agriculture markets throughout Malaysia.

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“We have over 6 acres of French hybrid grapes-50% red. Over 5,000 starlings can come for breakfast,lunch and dinner. Despite stringlines, pie plates, owl figures etc., we on occasion have lost up to 100% of the crop. We decided to try Avian Control on an experimental basis. Early August a fine mixture was sprayed on the leaves. The starlings came, sat in the windbreak trees, chattered but did not go down on the grapes. Eventually they would just fly over. We had concerns of the spray being washed off. Several heavy downpours did not affect its deterrence. After a good harvest, only some partially ripened grapes remained and it wasn’t until the leaves fell this week did any starlings enter the vinyard. Harvest was 95 % as other birds, thrashers, robins etc. did not affect it. Thank you for solving my problem.”

Tom Eyre

“Dear Avian Control®,

Just a few comments on this past season performance of the new Avian Control® product for us in several different crops including primarily Blueberries and Cherries, mostly along the Michigan West-Side.

We had close to 40 Growers try Avian Control® at various levels–a couple of them went “all-in” and used a bunch of it.

Included on this user-list are some intensely research-minded growers that make it a point to let me know what they witnessed for results, and if they would use it again. I had several Growers re-order in large quantities and claim they have NEVER found anything that worked this well! Out of 39 Growers we had only 2 guys that agreed they had not applied the product in the timely manner recommended and did not spray any follow up applications. These were the only two who told me they were not impressed with the results. We also had neutral-Non-Grower Industry People watching these applications that were very favorably impressed.

I am also very encouraged that you guys at Avian Control® are getting some serious University research testing completed, like that of Michigan State University, to add to your base of knowledge and experience and support for us guys in the field. Thanks for this opportunity to help our customers keep their growing fields bird-free for their harvest season.”

Linda and Ron Reister Reister Grower Services Western Michigan

“I had Avian Control applied to the sweet corn via the airplane. I believe it alleviated the bird pressure rather quickly. The birds did not seem to like it. I sprayed some of my earlier patches of corn two or three times.”

Hank Jacob
Kankakee, IL