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“We used Avian Control® to spray our Frontenac and Marquette wine grapes last summer. We got the best results I have ever seen, Avian Control® works great. I just bought more for this growing season to protect for this year. I didn’t want to net and now I never have to ever again!”

Kelly Logan
Baxter's Vinyards
Nauvoo, IL

“Beyond university studies, Avian Control® has positively aided vineyards in Michigan, in turn helping growers to a higher crop yield. Avian Control® is effective against all types of agricultural nuisance birds, is non-toxic to humans, plants, and animals and will not alter the taste of the crops.”

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Tests measure Avian Control’s efficacy

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“This EPA-registered, non-lethal repellent discourages birds from congregating in the field and eating the seeds. The product also has been found to possess an ultraviolet component to which birds are sensitive. The combination of the chemical ingredients in Avian Control® is creating the ultraviolet footprint that only birds can see and seem to want to avoid. The idea is that the birds are able to detect a color that would signal a response. It’s registered for sunflower, sweet corn and several fruits. Until this year, Avian Control® has been used on blueberries and cherries with much success.”

George Linz, PhD USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services National Sunflower Association Magazine