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“I had a bad problem with crows and redwing blackbirds in my sweet corn. I called Avian Control® and ordered a 5 gallon case and it was shpped to me in 4 days. I immediately sprayed my sweet corn acres while the birds were there. The next day and all this week ALL the birds have left and have not come back. I didn’t even have to spray my corn again. I have never seen this type of tremendous control in all my years of growing.”

Frank Ciesluk
Ciesluk Farms
Deerfield, MA

“We used Avian Control® to spray our Frontenac and Marquette wine grapes last summer. We got the best results I have ever seen, Avian Control® works great. I just bought more for this growing season to protect for this year. I didn’t want to net and now I never have to ever again!”

Kelly Logan
Baxter's Vinyards
Nauvoo, IL

“Beyond university studies, Avian Control® has positively aided vineyards in Michigan, in turn helping growers to a higher crop yield. Avian Control® is effective against all types of agricultural nuisance birds, is non-toxic to humans, plants, and animals and will not alter the taste of the crops.”

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