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“I sprayed my blueberry bushes with the following mixture: 1/2 quart Avian, 3 1/2 quarts of water, 1/2 oz. of Dawn dish soap. I sprayed on Saturday evening and checked the berries yesterday and today. The birds are staying out and I really have a lot of ripe berries on the bushes right now which should be very tempting. We’ve also have wild turkey and they’ve been right by the berries and haven’t touched them.”  

Barbara Congleton Orlando, KY

“I had total devastation of my sweet corn two years ago due to birds. Last year I used Avian Control Bird Repellent, and had very minimal damage, IF ANY! This year I’m spraying Avian Control again early so that I can prevent the birds from the start.”

“I have used ALL the bird repellents out there..you name it, I have used it. Avian Control is the FIRST one that really WORKS!! I compared it to two other liquid chemical repellents and it is clear to me that Avian Control is by far the most effective. I was able to save acres of cherries with this product.”