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birds eating fruit in a tree without fruit tree netting

Pros and Cons of Fruit Tree Netting

There are a lot of factors that go into producing a successful and bountiful harvest from your fruit trees. One of the more exhausting tasks can often be keeping local wildlife from stealing the fruits of your labor—literally. Bird netting is among one of the most common bird repellent methods. While it has been proven to be effective, fruit tree netting isn’t without its fair share of problems, either.

Before you purchase expensive rolls of netting, compare the pros and cons of bird netting to determine if this tactic is right for you.

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I used Avian Control in my Nursery and Blueberry fields.  It only took two applications before I noticed a BIG DIFFERENCE in the amount of birds in my fields.  It lasted much longer than anything else I have tried and was more effective.  I am very satisfied.  I will definitely continue using this product and recommend it.
Jorge Salmeron-Vences
Blue Gold Growers
Plant City, FL

I had used other bird repellents in the past and had no success keeping the birds away.  I finally tried your product this past summer and had great results!  The birds all left after the first spray and stayed away until after I picked all of my Norton and Chambord wine grapes.  I will use Avian Control every growing season now to keep the birds off my grapes.  Thank you!

Bil Mount

Mount Vineyards
Park Hills, MO

Birds had infested my equipment barn for years.  I tried everything to get them out, nothing worked.  Then I tried your product and the birds lost interest!  I sprayed down the rafters and railings, and all the birds instantly left.  A few came back the next day but then they left again and it’ been bird free since.   it’s amazing now how much cleaner the barn is!  Just wanted to to let you know how well it worked for me.
Ted Peters

Ted Peters Farm
Agro Frost Paige Equipment

Williamson, New York