Avian Control Promotes Bird Repellent in China

Avian Control® recently took a 14 day trip to China to meet and educate local distributors, wholesalers and dealers in the area. While there, Avian Control® also visited a number of farms in the fruit and vegetable growing region to better understand the growing conditions and crop loss due to pest birds.

In particular, Avian Control® visited a very large scale operation in the fruit growing area which has been experiencing a high amount of bird damage to their major grape crop. Visits were also made to fields where the corn crop has been reduced by up to 40% as a result of pheasant takeover. china_trip_excerpt3

  • May 1-2, Hong Kong
  • May 3, Shenzhen
  • May 4, Yancheng
  • May 5, Sinochem Ningbo
  • May 6-7, Yantai
  • May 8-9, Weinan
  • May 10-11, Bayan Nur
  • May 12, Beijing

The research made on the trip is invaluable and we look forward to helping the local Chinese farmers in their pursuits of healthy crops and higher profits with the use of our product.

Avian Control promotes bird repellent in China
Learn how Avain Enterprises worked to help China with their bird problems.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Avian Control Promotes Bird Repellent in China