Avian Control Solves Bird Problems All Around The World!


If you have a bird problem, just know that you are not alone. Growers all over the world are searching for effective bird control methods that will keep those pest birds away from their crops once and for all. Many even as far as South Korea are happy to have found success with Avian Control! This non-toxic liquid bird repellent is mild enough for use around people and animals and will leave the growth and taste of your crops unaffected.

Avian Control liquid bird repellent has been solving bird problems all over the world, even South Korea!Why Growers All Over The World Choose Avian Control

Although there are many bird repellents on the market, none of these quite compare to Avian Control. There are many reasons growers prefer our product over the others including:

  • Prevents pest birds from nesting in and damaging a variety of crops including blueberries, sweet corn, wine grapes, apples and more
  • Non-toxic and made of all food-grade ingredients
  • Non-lethal and won’t cause any harm to people, animals or the birds themselves
  • Simple application via ground, aerial spraying or fogging
  • Effective for up to two weeks for outdoor applications and even longer for indoor
  • Low cost treatment–as low as $12.50 per acre

Avian Control: The Solution To Bird Problems Everywhere

Many customers can attest to the fact that Avian Control does indeed work. Their testimonials say it all! That’s why we don’t limit ourselves to one location. Avian Control can be shipped anywhere in the world domestically or internationally. Call us to learn more about the product and how you can benefit from it.

Avian Control Solves Bird Problems All Around The World!
Check out how Avian Enterprises can solve bird problems all around the world.
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Avian Control Solves Bird Problems All Around The World!