Avian Fog Force TR Retail


Avian Fog Force® TR Retail bird repellent is easy to use and very effective at repelling birds from semi enclosed or mostly enclosed spaces. These areas may include stables, barns, hangers, garages, warehouses, building ledges and windowsills, backyards, boathouses, outdoor dining areas, and decks. Basically anywhere birds are a nuisance! Use outdoors where the dispenser is protected from rain (under eaves or ledges) or in buildings with openings for birds to enter and exit.

Avian Fog Force® TR Retail is available exclusively for large retailers. Purchase in bulk and provide your customers with lasting, environmentally-friendly bird control solutions.

Product Description 

Avian Fog Force® TR Retail bird repellent is EPA registered and effective against all types of nuisance birds, while being suitable for use around humans, pets and livestock. The active ingredient in Avian Fog Force® TR Retail is widely used in foods for human consumption.

The pleasant fragrance is barely noticeable to humans and pets but is irritating and annoying to birds. When birds smell or inhale Avian Fog Force® TR Retail repellent, they quickly become irritated and unhappy enough to start changing their behavior and habits. Birds quickly learn to stay away from areas treated with the product.

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Application Methods  

Avian Fog Force® TR Retail is a system that combines the bird repellent aerosol canister with a light sensing time release programmable dispenser. Once the canister is placed inside the dispenser, the time-release dispenser emits invisible jets of repellent mist at time intervals that you manually and easily program. Each aerosol canister lasts up to 60 days, depending on the setting, and can treat up to 42,000 cubic feet. Dispensers are powered by two “D” batteries that last up to six months.

Product Contains:

  •  One Avian Fog Force TR programmable dispenser
  •  Two aerosol canisters of Avian Fog Force TR bird repellent

*Avian Fog Force TR Retail is not available for sale in the states of Alaska or Hawaii.
*Avian Fog Force® TR Retail is available for sale to licensed pesticide applicators in the state of New York.

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Avian Fog Force TR Retail
Avian Fog Force is a time-release aerosol bird repellent that can be sprayed or fogged to keep birds away from your pools, marinas, stadiums, food courts and more.
Brand: Avian Enterprises