Best Bird Control Methods For Vineyards


Don’t let your profits go to the birds! Pest birds are a common problem amongst growers. Although there are many ways you can go about protecting your grapes, these are some of the best bird control methods for vineyards that will allow you to sleep easy this growing season.


Not only is this a great option for protecting grapes from birds but it also prevents the grapes themselves from dropping to the ground. Although it’s an effective method, it’s typically not the best for large vineyards due to its labor-intensive nature for installation and removal.

Visual Scare Tactics

The old scarecrow trick isn’t as silly as it sounds! Birds tend to avoid areas that seem suspicious. Bright colored scare-eye balloons that mimic the mouths of bird predators are a great way to ward off certain species. Even objects as simple as hanging pie tins, mirrors, flashing lights and predator replicas can be enough to cause pest birds to think twice before making a home of your vineyard.

Electronic Sound Devices & Pyrotechnics

One of the best bird control methods for vineyards is to irritate them to no end. There are many available sound devices that produce random noises that frighten birds. Some even replicate the sounds of specific bird species which interferes with the birds’ ability to communicate with one another. Pyrotechnics such as bird bangers or whistlers can also be effective scare tactics and can easily be combined with other methods.

china1Bird Repellent

Although those mentioned above are some of the best bird control methods for vineyards, they often require a lot of trial and error to determine which combination works best for you. The most surefire way to keep those birds away from your grapes for good is to apply a bird repellent. But it’s important to do your research. Many prefer non-toxic and non-lethal liquid bird repellent, like Avian Control, because it does not affect the growth or taste of the grapes and causes no harm to birds or humans.

Take Control Of Your Vineyard!

As one of the best bird control methods for vineyards, Avian Control liquid bird repellent will ensure your grapes are safe. Avian Enterprise’s product is EPA-registered and consists of all food-grade ingredients, making it mild enough for use around people and other animals. Solve your bird problems today by calling us to learn more about how your vineyard can benefit from Avian Enterprises!

Best Bird Control Methods For Vineyards
Find the best way to protect your vineyards from birds with Avian Enterprises.
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Best Bird Control Methods For Vineyards