The Best Tarmac and Airfield Bird Control Methods

Airports are large in size and leave a lot of undeveloped land surrounding them. Pest birds take advantage of this open land by loitering on the property. Pest birds can be hazardous to these areas because they can interfere with moving aircraft’s, causing bird strikes. Follow these methods to assist in getting rid of birds from tarmacs and airfields.

Distress Signals

Creating the illusion of a predator by using sonic cannons, noise generators or lasers at dawn and dusk can discourage birds from entering your airfield. Birds can adapt to an environment pretty fast, so it can be difficult creating a long-term solution. If they adapt to these tactics, moving the location of the illusions can help confuse birds and extend the life of your distress signals. Keep in mind that this may scare your guests if they are not aware of the product.

airport and tarmac bird control 2Modify Habitat

Be proactive and adapt your land to discourage birds from nesting. Putting nets on water supplies or plants that birds commonly feed on can discourage them from sticking around. Also, examine your land for trees or bushes that would be an ideal nesting location.
Modifying these locations can help to deter birds from relocating to different areas of your property.

Spray a Liquid Bird Repellent

A simple solution to keep birds away from tarmacs and airfields is by spraying a liquid bird repellent on the property. The waste left behind from birds can be a hassle to remove from large surfaces and can also be toxic. With these side effects from pest birds, investing in a liquid bird repellent that is safe for use around people and other animals can be beneficial. Avian Control offers a non-lethal, EPA-registered liquid bird repellent to help eliminate unwanted birds from any tarmac or airfield.

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Discourage Birds with Avian Control

Don’t let pest birds wreck havoc on your tarmacs and airfields. Avian Control has a knowledgeable staff readily available to assist with all of your bird control needs. Contact us at 888.868.1982 or shop online and start taking back your airspace today!

The Best Tarmac and Airfield Bird Control Methods
Birds can ruin your tarmacs and airfields if you don't take precautions. Follow these tips to safely protect your land.
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The Best Tarmac and Airfield Bird Control Methods