Bird Deterrents for Outdoor Areas

geese on a skyscraper roof

If you’re a business owner, you know how much hard work goes into keeping your establishment clean and ready for customers. Don’t let your hard work go to waste by letting birds nest and make a mess, while also potentially ruining your customers’ experience. Learn about where birds like to congregate, how they can be avoided, and what the best methods are for deterring birds from your business. Hint – it involves bird repellent spray.

Why Is It Important?

If you are having trouble keeping birds away from your business, you may already know why it’s important. If not, here are just a couple of important ideas to consider if you haven’t had to deal with pesky birds on your property. First, birds can leave a mess. Feathers, droppings, and nests are unsightly and can pose a health concern for anyone that may be at your business.

Second, if customers are at your storefront, birds can be loud and obnoxious for guests trying to relax, and it may ruin their experience. As you know, the customer experience is crucial, so deter birds when you can so that they do not get too comfortable in or around your establishment.

Birds Pose Long Term Threats

Birds have a few common locations they like to congregate. If you have these areas on your property, it is wise to do what you can to deter them away from here. First, patio seating is one of the most common areas where larger birds, like geese, can invade. If your patio is not fenced in or has easy access points, birds will start to call your patio home. It’s important to remove all sources of food if possible, especially if you are operating a restaurant, any food may attract unwanted guests. So, ensure you are sweeping not only when you open and close but throughout the day as well.

Next, even if your patio is covered, there may be areas where smaller birds could nest. Small nooks and crannies or tight corners are ideal for small birds like Starlings or Sparrows. Overhead beams is another common place for birds to use as suitable nesting locations.

Finally, parking lots can be a frequent stop for birds like Geese, Seagulls, and other medium-sized birds. Birds can leave droppings on cars, or even be destructive to other items on your property. Mother geese are often aggressive if they have a nest or babies nearby, so to ensure your customers’ safety, monitor, and spray parking lots with a deterrent.

Any business owners with waterfront property or with small bodies of water should be extra vigilant for the unwanted company of birds as they are more likely to find a home by water, or in areas where nests could be possible.

What Can You Do To Prevent Birds From Invading Your Business?

There are a few common strategies you can use to keep birds off of your property. First, place bird spikes on areas where birds may perch, or find suitable for nesting. Also, place spikes on the ground around your patio as well.

Next, you can use predatory statues around your outdoor area to stop birds from claiming your space. Birds will think this predator has already claimed this area and find somewhere else. Be sure to change the location of the statue, or rotate through different animals for better protection.

Finally, the best way to prevent birds from being in your outdoor area is by using Avian Fog Force TR. Our canisters can be programmed and include a spray dispenser that will mist the proprietary repellent around our outdoor areas. Note that the avian Fog Force TR is safe for birds and humans. Fog Force TR can also be placed in all the areas we previously mentioned to effectively deter birds with minimal upkeep.

To learn more about Avian Fog Force TR, head on over to our product page, or speak to one of our sales specialists at 888.868.1982 today!

Bird Deterrents for Outdoor Areas