Bird Repellent Spray Techniques For Southern Blueberry Growers


Growing southern blueberries requires a lot of patience, but the taste of blueberries is reason enough to grow them, and the reward is worthwhile. However, birds are a leading cause of crop damage for many growers. Along with pecking away at your hard work, these pesky intruders can also make a big impact on your profits. This is why it’s important to seek effective solutions to prevent birds from eating and damaging your southern blueberries.

Flocking birds, blackbirds, robins, crows, and more are notorious for eating blueberries. If you’re a grower, make sure birds aren’t flying away with your profits! Protect your southern blueberries without altering the look or taste of your berries and save your crops.

Liquid Bird Repellent Spray Techniques

It’s easy to reduce blueberry loss from hungry birds with Avian Control liquid bird repellent. With multiple application methods, fending off hungry birds has never been easier. Avian Control Bird Repellent can be used on numerous crops. 

How does it work? 

  • Agricultural spraying with a backpack or electric sprayer
  • Air blast or boom sprayers
  • Tank mixing

Decrease your blueberry crop loss by up to 87 percent with Avian Control liquid bird repellent. Whether you choose aerial spraying or any other application method, our liquid bird repellent creates bird free properties in no time.

Benefits Of Avian Control For Southern Blueberries

Damage produced by pest birds can be devastating for growers. Avian Control is a simple solution that can successfully reduce or eliminate these damaging effects altogether. Benefits of using Avian Control as opposed to other bird repellents include:

  • Prevention of birds eating crops and creating pecking holes
  • Reduction in bird droppings on crops
  • Elimination of birds nesting in fields and orchards
  • Low treatment costs (as low as $12.50/acre per treatment)
  • Non-lethal and mild enough for use around people, pets and approved crops
  • Does not affect growth, taste or color of treated crops
  • Long-lasting results
  • Application options: ground, aerial spraying, thermal or ultra-low volume fogging

Save Your Southern Blueberries With Avian Control

If you’re ready to put your bird problems behind you, get started with Avian Control today. Not only is our product gentle and effective, but you will see noticeable and long-lasting results. Make sure this crop season is a profitable one by switching to Avian Control today. Shop now or give us a call to learn more.

Bird Repellent Spray Techniques For Southern Blueberry Growers

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