BirdBuffer Now Offers Avian Control Bird Fluid!

BirdBuffer Now Offers Avian Control Bird Fluid!

Avian Control is ecstatic to announce its partnership with BirdBuffer, the eco-friendly vapor system bird control equipment you can trust. Together, Avian Control and BirdBuffer will excel beyond points they ever have before and set a new standard in the world of bird control. As a result of this partnership, you will be able to apply Avian Control bird repellent to your property using BirdBuffer’s:

BirdBuffer Thermal Fogger Using Avian Control

  • Q2 – The fully automated bird control blower
  • Q3 – The new fully automated bird control gust device
  • Thermal Fogger – Manually operated thermal fogger
  • Tweeter Defeater – Automated heavy-duty powder coating unit

For more information on how to use the BirdBuffer Thermal Fogger, visit here.

Repel Birds for Good with Avian Control and BirdBuffer!

Now Avian Control products can be purchased alongside a state-of-the-art bird control aerosol machine or vaporizer. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you will benefit by purchasing a device that will disperse your bird control fluid with ease. Contact Avian Control by phone at 888-877-4355 or order your own online!

Avian Control
BirdBuffer bird repellent spray technologies now offers Avian Control liquid bird repellent fluid!
Brand: Avian Control
Manufacturer: Avian Control
BirdBuffer Now Offers Avian Control Bird Fluid!