Prevent Annoying Birds From Visiting Your Cider Mill

Apple Cider
  • Keep Your Mill Clean
  • Properly Dispose of Leftover Food
  • Spray Bird Repellent

If you’re a cider mill owner preparing for the fall season, you want to make sure everything is in order. Have you prepared for pesky birds annoying your guests, stealing food and leaving droppings? We’ve compiled a list of methods to help keep birds away from your guests, so they can enjoy cider and donuts bird-free.

Make Sure Food Isn’t Laying Around

Guests are at your cider mill to drink hot cider, munch on cinnamon-sugar donuts and enjoy themselves. As great as cider mills are, the floor can quickly accumulate food, inside and outside. This attracts hungry birds from miles away, flooding your mill with unwanted winged guests. Equip your cider mill with ample, closed lid trash receptacles.

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Properly Dispose of Garbage

Every restaurant or food business deals with expired products and trash. Take all of the expired product and bagged garbage to a location away from your cider mill, preferably a closed dumpster. Birds won’t be able to access a closed lid dumpster and if it’s in a distant location, birds will find it difficult to locate and enter.


Utilize Bird Repellent

Bird repellent is a liquid treatment that can be sprayed or fogged onto crops or general areas that need protection from birds. It’s easy-to-apply and will cover a large area for little cost. Make sure the product you purchase is non-toxic and gentle enough to use around other farm animals and people. Children and parents are likely the most frequent cider mill guests.

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Keep Your Cider Mill Bird-Free With Avian Control

Avian Control is the liquid bird repellent that’s perfect for protecting cider mills. It’s a product of Avian Enterprises, a leader in bird repellent products. Avian Control won’t harm farm animals and it’s non toxic. Each treatment costs around $12.50 an acre, so it won’t cut from your mill’s profits. Keeping birds out of your cider mill and keeping guests has never been so simple. Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

Prevent Annoying Birds from Visiting Your Cider Mill
Learn how to keep birds out of your cider mills with Avian Enterprises.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Prevent Annoying Birds From Visiting Your Cider Mill