Boating Without the Birds

If you are a boat owner, you’re probably aware of the challenges of keeping birds such as ducks, geese, sparrows, seagulls and other large birds away from your dock and boat. Birds find themselves using your swim platform, boat and dock as the perfect waterfront perch. These pests love to invade these waterfront areas for food, but they also leave quite a mess. If you find yourself spending a significant amount of time cleaning up before launch, it’s time to steer your ship in a new direction. See how Avian Control can help you become the captain of your boat again.

Poop Deck Damage

Birds on your boat can be an eyesore, cause a real mess and in most cases even cause some damage. Boat owners often do not realize the long-term damage that birds are causing. No matter the season, it is vital to protect your dock and boat. Large birds such as geese, ducks and other birds virtually take over these areas while leaving seagull controlbird dropping that are highly acidic and can cause the following problems:

  • Faded paint finishes
  • Diseases
  • Material that has been eaten away

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Common Areas Affected by Birds

If there is no bird control in effect, your boat will end up being more labor than enjoyment time. Birds will land on just about any surface and they especially enjoy high surfaces to perch themselves upon. The following are important areas from which to eliminate birds:

  • Docksharbor bird control
  • Masts
  • Pilings
  • Canvas covers
  • Swim platforms
  • Other equipment

Tactics for Getting Rid of Birds

If you own a boat, it is probably one of your most prize prized possessions. Birds don’t feel the same way about your treasure and leave behind seemingly harmless droppings that should not be ignored. The longer you leave droppings on your boat, the worse the stains and damage become. Luckily, there are a variety of tactics that can protect your boat from birds. These tactics vary from costing anywhere from a few dollars to needing intense electronics. The following are different tactics many people use to deter birds:

Sheepdogs: Yes, you read that correctly. Sheepdogs are the newest anti-bird scare tactic. Sheepdogs can continually chase birds off and reduce bird numbers by up to 99 percent. Having a sheepdog patrol in the early morning hours and early evening teach birds to stay off your property and dock as well.

Decoys: Birds don’t like bright colors or decoys that mimic the look of any animal. Most birds will avoid wooden owls, hawks or coyotes. Decoys must be moved on your property every so often because birds will learn overtime that they are not real.

Spikes, wires and nets: Birds seek out high points on boats and any surface. Installing parallel wires or spikes help prevent birds from perching on objects.

Irritating noises or smells: The bird control market is full of electronic scare tactics. These tactics include amplifiers that scare birds away by noise. Using bird distress calls are found to be effective. Many also claim that exposure to bad tell keeps birds away long-term.

Cats: Many say that keeping a cat in their yard and letting them on their boat keeps birds away. Cats will scare both birds and mice away and are friendly pets to have around!

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Let Avian Control Protect Your Boat!

There are many different bird deterrents on the market, but we believe Avian Control is the most effective. Enjoy your boat this boating season by using a liquid bird repellent that lasts up to two weeks and will not harm you, your boat or dock. Save yourself the cleanup by purchasing Avian Control liquid bird repellent. To order Avian Control, contact us at 888.868.1982.

Avian Control
Are you a boater struggling with birds using your ship as a perch? Get rid of those birds with Avian Control liquid bird repellent and sail bird-free.
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Boating Without the Birds