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Expert tips to get rid of birds and keep them off your property. Find the best methods and guidelines for Avian application to protect your crops!

Pumpkin Patch Protection from Pest Birds

Pumpkin season is upon us! But nobody wants to visit the pumpkin patch only to find that all of the pumpkins have been pecked at by pesky birds. There are lots of ways to protect your pumpkin patch from this very thing happening, meaning more pumpkins in your patch and more money in your pocket. Using a variety of different methods is a sure way to provide pumpkin patch protection from birds this fall!

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How to Keep Birds Away from Apple Trees

Fall is apple season! But you won’t be able to enjoy your apples if birds get to them first. Each year, thousands of apples are wasted because birds peck holes into them and they begin to rot. Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can keep birds away from apple trees so you can enjoy them yourself this fall season. Here are some tips to protect your apples from the experts at Avian Control.

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Boating Without the Birds

If you are a boat owner, you’re probably aware of the challenges of keeping birds such as ducks, geese, sparrows, seagulls and other large birds away from your dock and boat. Birds find themselves using your swim platform, boat and dock as the perfect waterfront perch. These pests love to invade these waterfront areas for food, but they also leave quite a mess. If you find yourself spending a significant amount of time cleaning up before launch, it’s time to steer your ship in a new direction. See how Avian Control can help you become the captain of your boat again.

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Preparing for Fall Crops with Bird Control

Fall is coming and you know what that means! It’s time to start growing your fall crops. Growing fall crops can be very enjoyable and worthwhile, but all of that hard work can go to waste if birds make your garden or farm their home. Fortunately, there are many different methods of bird control you can use to keep them off your carrots, cabbages and collards! Check out these tips on preparing for fall crops with bird control methods of all sorts.

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