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Tips for Keeping Critters Away From Halloween Decorations

Halloween is right around the corner and now is the time to trim our homes with our favorite scary Halloween decorations. While jack o’lanterns, bales of hay and corn stalks are often the family favorite, there are several critters who enjoy your decorations for reasons other than celebrating Halloween. That’s right, your neighborhood furry friends often become unfriendly to the decorations in which you put in so much hard work. Follow these helpful tips for keeping critters away from Halloween decorations this fall season.

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How To Keep Birds Away From Cider Mills

Now that the fall season has arrived, you’ve probably been spending a lot of time prepping your cider mill for the crowds that are sure to come. Just about everyone loves a mug of hot apple cider when the weather cools down and the leaves change colors. And while birds add a nice aesthetic with their singing and chirping, they really aren’t welcome around your cider mill. So this fall, trust Avian Control to keep birds away from your cider mill.

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Pumpkin Patch Protection from Pest Birds

Pumpkin season is upon us! But nobody wants to visit the pumpkin patch only to find that all of the pumpkins have been pecked at by pesky birds. There are lots of ways to protect your pumpkin patch from this very thing happening, meaning more pumpkins in your patch and more money in your pocket. Using a variety of different methods is a sure way to provide pumpkin patch protection from birds this fall!

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How to Keep Birds Away from Apple Trees

Fall is apple season! But you won’t be able to enjoy your apples if birds get to them first. Each year, thousands of apples are wasted because birds peck holes into them and they begin to rot. Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can keep birds away from apple trees so you can enjoy them yourself this fall season. Here are some tips to protect your apples from the experts at Avian Control.

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