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Avian Control is an eco-friendly, liquid bird repellant that is used to protect property and crops. Effective in multiple industries, eliminate your bird problems today!

Goose Repellent for Spring Nesting Prevention

Geese can cause many problems in the areas where they nest, including defacing property, attacking guests or visitors and contaminating lawns and ponds with droppings. Your goose problem can be made exponentially worse once the birds have created nests and hatched their young, which is why prevention is key. Keep reading to learn effective tips on how to prevent geese from nesting on your property this spring!

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How to Prepare for Spring Garden Planting

With frost thawing and birds chirping, the end of the winter season is the perfect time to prepare your garden for spring! Whether you are a beginning gardener or a seasoned expert, there are many helpful tips for making the most out of your spring garden. Read on to learn how you can prepare for planting a beautiful and luscious display of fruits, vegetables and flowers this spring!

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The Best Bird Control Products for Spring

Warmer temperatures and growing plants mean birds will be on the hunt for new sources of food at your home, garden or facility. If you’ve put in the time and effort to plant and prune for the spring, the last thing you want is for pest birds to reap the benefits before you do! Use the following tips to decide which form of bird control can help you make the most of your spring gardening.

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Protecting Berries from Birds

As the light at the end of the winter tunnel gets brighter, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about spring and summer gardening! Berries are a welcome sight in the warmer months of the year, but can be a delicious snack for pest birds before we even get the chance to enjoy them. Whether you are growing berries at your home, business or farm, preventing birds from feasting on all of your hard work is a must. Learn how easy protecting berries from birds can be throughout the growing season with these tips!

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