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Avian Control is an eco-friendly, liquid bird repellant that is used to protect property and crops. Effective in multiple industries, eliminate your bird problems today!

Protecting Vines to Save the Wines

As challenging as it can be to keep up with wine for your thirsty dinner guests, it’s even more of a challenge to protect wine grapes from hungry birds in the first place! Protecting your vines can be a full-time job, leaving little time to tend to your grapes or to enjoy the final product. Thankfully, there are many different bird control methods to eliminate birds and help you grow your grapes in peace.

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Preparing for Fall Crops with Bird Control

Fall is coming and you know what that means! It’s time to start growing your fall crops. Growing fall crops can be very enjoyable and worthwhile, but all of that hard work can go to waste if birds make your garden or farm their home. Fortunately, there are many different methods of bird control you can use to keep them off your carrots, cabbages and collards! Check out these tips on preparing for fall crops with bird control methods of all sorts.

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How to Protect California Grapes

Worldwide fans of wine know California is famous for its wine grapes and vineyards. California grape growers, on the other hand, may not be so famous. But it is these farmers who work hard to let us enjoy the fruits of their labor. That is, when irritating birds aren’t making the job more difficult than it is already. Birds can cause crop losses that cost grape growers thousands of dollars and hours of labor with no return. Fortunately for grape growers, there are several methods for how to protect California grapes for human enjoyment.

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Keep Birds off property

Spring Has Sprung! How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

The snow is melted, the grass is greener and gardens are sprouting. You took the time to plant flowers, vegetables and fruits; so don’t let the birds reap the benefits! Whether spring arrived on time, or is still a little shy, now is the perfect time to master how to keep birds out of your garden this season.

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