Check The Birds Out Of Your Hotel & Resort

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Guests often gather their first opinions of a hotel or resort by the condition of the exterior. Birds roosting on balconies or roofs can create a negative impression of any business, especially one where guests stay for an extended period of time. Keeping birds away from your hotel or resort property doesn’t have to be an expensive or elaborate task. Here are some options to keep birds away from your guests.

Hotel And Resort Bird Control Methods

Predator Decoys: Installing predator decoys can help scare birds away from your property. Decoys will need to be moved often to prevent the birds from learning they aren’t real.

Attract A Real Owl: Installing owl boxes in trees can give you a bird control solution that doesn’t break the bank. It may take several seasons before an owl starts to live in the box.

Sound Cannons: Easily installed on flat roofs, cannons powered by propane can be programmed to create loud booms in time intervals. This method may keep the birds away but will also irritate guests.

Liquid Bird Repellent: Easily applied to buildings and greenery, sprays made of various chemicals help keep pest birds away.

Avian Fog Force TR: An Eco-friendly Bird Repellent

Another method to prevent birds from congregating around your property is Avian Enterprises, Fog Force TR. The time-releasing cabinet is equipped with Fog Force aerosol cans formulated to repel birds. Made up of non-lethal, food grade ingredients, birds experience an unpleasant sensation in their naval cavities when the come in contact with the application.

The cabinet is small and sleek enough to easily blend into your buildings architecture, keeping the birds away without being an eyesore. Its compact size mean you can strategically place several around odd shaped areas like pools or golf courses.

Keep Birds Away From Pools

When trying to keep birds away from pools at your hotel or resort, Avian Fog Force TR can help. Its programmable time-release capabilities allow you to apply the spray during times of the day where birds are most likely to congregate. Fog Force TR gives off invisible jet sprays, so pool guests won’t even be aware that something is being sprayed.

Works Great On Outdoor Recreation And Golf Courses Too

Avian Fog Force TR also helps to keep the birds off golf courses and other outdoor recreational areas. Its ability to cover 42,000 cubic feet allows it to repel birds in large areas like courtyards or putting greens. A single can, can last up to 30 days before it needs to be replaced. Allowing you to not worry about birds and focus on other parts of your business.

Contact us to learn more about Avian Fog Force TR or effective ways to keep birds off of your hotel or resort property.

Check The Birds Out Of Your Hotel & Resort
It's time to check more guests in and pest birds out of your hotel and resort with the help of Avian Fog Force TR.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
  • Prevents pest birds from damaging crops, business and airport structures and golf courses
  • Non-lethal and mild enough to use around people and animals
  • Low cost treatment–as little as $12.50 per acre!
  • Simple application via ground, aerial spraying or fogging
  • Effective for up to two weeks for outdoor applications–and much longer for indoor!

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Check The Birds Out Of Your Hotel & Resort