Chemical Bird Repellent vs. Electronic Bird Control

Whether at your home, business or farm, nuisance birds can cause major damage and create potential safety hazards for employees, guests and loved ones. While there are many forms of bird control on the market, it is important to consider the pros and cons of homemade bird repellent and products available on the market before choosing the right one to suit your individual needs. Two of the most common forms of bird control – electronic devices and chemical bird repellents – are examined below to help you decide which type of bird control is best for you.

What to Consider About All Bird Control Methods

When deciding on an appropriate method of bird control, it is crucial to consider multiple aspects of your unique situation. Once you have carefully considered the following factors, you will be ready to choose the best type of bird control for you:

Pros of Chemical Bird Repellents

Chemical bird repellents are a method of bird control available in gel, liquid and spray forms that deter birds from nesting in or landing on specific areas of a building such as roofs, windowsills and ledges. Advantages of chemical bird repellents include:

Pros of Electronic Bird Control

Electronic bird repellents are a form of bird control that use sonic and ultrasonic frequencies to steer birds away from designated buildings or locations. Sonic devices use predatory calls and bird distress signals to frighten birds. Ultrasonic devices use frequencies above the human range of hearing to cause birds to become disoriented when they are within range of the device. Benefits of these devices include:

  • Easy installation and use
  • Condition birds to actively avoid device location
  • Require little maintenance to set up

Cons of Common Bird Control Methods

The benefits of chemical bird repellents and electronic devices are plain to see, but there are also drawbacks to consider:

Gels can harden and become ineffective when not properly maintained, and some sprays may change the color or flavor of crops if they are used in a farm setting.keep birds away from fruits

Electronic devices may only target one species of bird, rather than multiple species at once.

Sonic noisemaking devices can be loud and potentially bothersome to guests or visitors to your property. Plus, birds become acclimated to the sounds and soon realize no predators exist on the property.

Physical bird control items, such as scarecrows, plastic decoys and the noisemaking devices, need to be moved often to avoid birds acclimating to them.

before and after bird control

Avian Enterprises Keeps Birds Away for Good

Bird control is an important step in the right direction for maintaining the appearance and safety of your property for years to come. Avian Enterprises offers many simple solutions, including Avian Control, a non-toxic, cost-effective liquid bird repellent that combines all of the benefits of chemical bird control with none of the consequences. Avian Control won’t harm humans, animals or birds and is quick and easy to apply in either fog or spray form. Contact us to find out how you can keep birds off your property for good!

Chemical Bird Repellent vs. Electronic Bird Control
Learn about the pros and cons of chemical and electronic bird control methods. Avian Enterprises can help you be bird free.
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Chemical Bird Repellent vs. Electronic Bird Control