Cherry Picking Season is Here! Keep Birds Away from Trees

Springtime brings fresh fruit and chirping birds. This can lead to problems, especially for cherry growers. These birds are constantly on the lookout for a new source of food. After all the hard work put into growing cherry trees, the last thing a grower wants is pest birds ruining them. No matter the use for cherry crops, there are plenty of different options that can help to keep birds away.

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Add Reflectors to the Trees

Birds get intimidated by shiny objects or anything that could potentially pose a threat to them. A cost-effective solution to implementing reflectors is to suspend aluminum pie tins from the cherry tree branches using thin wire or fishing line. It is important to rotate the location of the tins on the trees so that birds don’t get familiar with their location.

Block Out Birds With NettingCherry Picking Season is Here! Keep Birds Away from Trees

Mesh netting is another way to block pesky birds from the cherries on a tree. After applying the net, be sure there is no fruit sticking out or laying directly on the net. Birds have the ability to stick their beaks into the net and grab any nearby fruit. Netting can get heavy, so be sure to invest in a lightweight net that will not damage the fragile cherries.

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Provide Alternative Food Sources

Remember, birds are attacking cherry trees because they are hungry. Placing bird feeders with bird seed or corn around your land can help to keep the birds away from the cherry trees. Constantly providing an abundant supply of food to pest birds can also prevent their temptations of picking at cherry trees.

Invest in a Liquid Bird Repellent

Regularly spraying or fogging a non-toxic liquid bird repellent around cherry trees can be a cost effective way to eliminate your bird problem. A few of the many advantages to using a liquid bird repellent is that it doesn’t harm the tree or bird and can eliminate bird droppings

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Avian Control is Here to Help You!

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Cherry Picking Season is Here! Keep Birds Away from Trees
Birds can ruin your cherry trees if you don't take precautions. Follow these tips to safely protect your crop.
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Cherry Picking Season is Here! Keep Birds Away from Trees