Control Birds Around Farm Buildings

Birds can cause chaos in or around farm buildings in a multitude of ways: whether nesting in a roof, swarming around feedstuffs and livestock in dairy barns or simply creating an unsanitary mess. If birds are left unchecked, you may end up paying thousands of dollars in cleanup and repair costs for your property. Keep the pesky creatures at bay and avoid the hassle and expense of bird damage with the following tips for bird control at your farm!

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Keep Food Secured and Water Levels LowHow to Keep Birds Away from Farm Buildings

Birds are immediately attracted to easily accessible sources of food and water, so cleaning up food spills in and around your farm buildings is especially important. To prevent birds from visiting your farm buildings to find their next meal, take the time to:

  • Invest in tightly sealed containers to store feedstuffs, seed and grain
  • Clean out gutters and areas that collect water regularly
  • Use covered feeders that keep birds out

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Prevent Birds from Nesting and Roosting

One of the keys to successful bird control in farm buildings of any variety is to prevent birds from using the spaces to roost or nest. If birds are able to build a home on the roof of your barn or farm building, they can damage insulation and create a potential health hazard for you and your livestock. To keep disease-ridden birds from nesting or roosting in your space:

  • Install mesh netting and steel screens to plug up holes in buildings
  • Place plastic or wooden replicas of natural bird predators around farm buildings
  • String bird wire along ledges and roofs to prevent birds from landing

Invest in Electronic or Chemical Bird Repellents

A simple and effective method of controlling birds around farm buildings through every season is to regularly use electronic or chemical bird repellents. Electronic bird control typically comes in the form of noise-making devices that scare birds by playing distress signals or predatory calls. Chemical bird repellents are often available in the form of a liquid that can be sprayed on a variety of surfaces to continuously repel birds.

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Dairy Barn Bird Control

Repel Birds from Farm Buildings for Good with Avian Control!

Maintain the function and safety of your farm buildings with non-toxic, cost-effective Avian Control. This liquid bird repellent can be sprayed or fogged onto any surface, from ledges and siding to crops and feedstuffs, to keep birds away from your farm year-round! Contact us to order your preferred size of the ultimate solution to your bird control needs by calling 888.868.1982.

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Control Birds Around Farm Buildings