Controlling Birds Around Your Barn

birds in barn

Birds are never an issue until they decide to cause problems, especially in and around barns. These pesky creatures may steal your insulation for their nests, contaminate food, leave their droppings all over and possibly spread disease to the animals in your barn. While there are many ways to deter birds from your barn, below are a few methods to try out to help you find the solution that works best for you.

Dwindle the Desire

One of the easiest ways to control birds in and around your barn is to make the space undesirable. Barns are a trendy hangout for birds who want to land or build nests. This may not be a long-term solution but it can definitely help in the short-term. Ensure all holes are covered and there aren’t any ways for birds to sneak into your barn. Also, don’t leave any food laying around, be sure to keep the food for your animals neat and tidy.

Hang Plastic Strips in Doorways

If you are unable to keep doors closed in your barn, consider metallic, plastic strips to hang in the doorways. You can easily enter and so can your barn animals. This makes it difficult for birds to get in and make your barn their new home.

Find a Barn Cat

We all know that birds and cats don’t get along, so consider getting a cat or two to keep the birds away from your barn. Birds generally stay away from environments that they are not comfortable in so cats can definitely help keep them away. Cats like to climb and they can easily get to high spots in your barn to scare away the birds.

Try Avian Control

If you are tired of trying the same old bird deterrents, give Avian Control a whirl. Avian Control is a liquid bird repellent that will help overcome your bird problems by teaching nuisance birds to stay away from your property. With mild ingredients, it is gentle enough to be used around plants, animals and people. This is the ideal solution for dealing with unwanted birds around your barn. Want to give it a try? Contact us or give Avian Enterprises a call, we’d love to hear from you.

Controlling Birds Around Your Barn
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Controlling Birds Around Your Barn