How to Deter Birds From Blueberry Bushes

blueberries growing in a bush

Did you know that birds love blueberries just as much as people do? It’s important to protect your blueberry bushes from unwanted birds so that you can reap the rewards of all your hard work. The first step in protecting your bushes is by crafting a plan. To learn most tips and tricks from your friends at Avian, read on. 

Choose An Ideal Location blueberries growing in a bush

The first thing to consider is where you will be planting the blueberry bushes. Blueberry bushes require a large amount of sunlight, so they will need to be placed in an open area free of obstructions and shade. By strategically placing the bushes in direct sunlight, with little to no surrounding trees or branches, birds cannot nest near your blueberry bushes.

Once you have established an area you would like to plant, consider hanging bird feeders a reasonable distance away from the blueberry bushes (5-10 feet). By placing feeders, you can ensure the birds feed on the food you have provided first, and hopefully, this will help steer the birds away from your newly planted bushes. 

Bonus Tip: If you have a large amount of space available, we recommend planting more bushes than you need, to ensure you get the return you are looking for. 

Try Using Homemade Remedies

If you’re interested in trying out some household items to protect your blueberry bushes, we recommend using some of these physical deterrents:

  • Reflect tap 
  • Aluminum pie plates
  • Hanging CDs 
  • Pinwheel fans

A common trend between these items is that they are made of shiny, reflective material. If you don’t have these specific items, just make sure you use something that can reflect light back at birds, as it scares them away. To ensure these physical deterrents work effectively either hang them from the bushes or use the ground to post them near. 

Some Cost-effective Solutions To Explore

Other popular solutions for deterring birds from blueberry bushes include physical obstructions like bird netting and crop cages. These are two of the most popular solutions due to their simplicity and effectiveness, but it’s important to remember that these can trap or injure the birds, so we advise that you use these products with caution. 

What are the other downsides to using nets and crop cages? Netting and cages can be expensive and time-consuming if you have a lot of bushes. Also, if nets are not appropriately installed, birds may still rest on them and eat at the blueberry bushes.

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For some more cost-effective options, try scarecrows and natural predator statues — these types of objects can also deter birds from snacking on your blueberries. They are simple and easy to install if you have a small field of bushes. Below are some common predators you can use:

  • Falcons
  • Hawks
  • Snakes
  • Owls 
  • Foxs
  • Wolfs

When placing predator statues, be cautious —  birds can become accustomed and will start to ignore them. It’s essential that you move the figures often or change the animal you use in order to keep the returning birds away from your blueberry bushes.   

Use a Professional Grade Bird Repellent

The best way to protect blueberry bushes or any berry bush for that matter is by using Avian Control Liquid Bird Repellent. Avian Control is EPA-registered for use on an abundance of crops and is safe for birds and humans. Head over to our shop to see our line of products, or contact a sales specialist today!

How to Deter Birds From Blueberry Bushes