Do Birds Eat Plants? What Birds Do To Your Yard

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Planting your own produce is rewarding. Whether you’re a large-scale farmer or tend to a personal backyard garden, the journey requires commitment, patience, and hard work. This is why it’s upsetting to find your precious plants damaged. In cases like this, there are multiple potential threats involved. It’s time to uncover if birds are the culprit. 

Warning Signs of Damage

Noticing damage to your plants or yard might take time. Not all plants are in top shape and you may be quick to dismiss minor flaws. Between hungry animals, insects, or plant disease, it’s important to know what to look for with your plants. Some warning signs include:

  • Chewed foliage. Bite marks are easy to spot. Visible holes tell the clear story that something is eating your plants such as insects or animals.
  • Distorted foliage. If your foliage looks different than usual and appears distorted or discolored, plant disease may be at play.
  • Stem holes. Holes found in stems, bark, or twigs show insects have been eating at your plants – typically beetles or caterpillars.
  • Dying plants. If plants are quickly dying, this could be due to a lack of care and attention or environmental factors. 
  • Missing produce. When your harvest goes missing, birds may be involved. 

Environmental factors related to weather and geographical location. When choosing where to plant, location, plant type, soil type, slope, climate, and more will all affect your planting success. 

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Do Birds Eat Plants?

The eating habits of birds will affect your plants. They may not eat the whole plant, but they do feed on various aspects of your plants that will cause damage or removal of your produce. 

Birds eat:

  • Seeds
  • Berries
  • Insects
  • Grains
  • Nuts
  • Nectar

Seedlings are a common snack for birds. This means that hungry birds will eat your seeds before they can plant, flower, and harvest. 

Tip: Try planting seeds one half-inches into the ground so birds can’t get to them. Then protect the seedlings with seed tunnels.

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Will Birds Harm Your Yard?

Birds can cause yard damage. They will feast on your garden and cause a mess in the process. Too many birds hanging around leave droppings and feathers behind in your yard. Some birds are noisy and disruptive while some species, such as geese, can be dangerous. Keep your yard safe with bird prevention tactics.

How to Protect Your Yard

If you need to keep birds out of your yard, there are plenty of prevention tactics to implement. When testing out deterrents, ensure they won’t damage your plants or yard even further. Tactics you can try include:

  • Bird netting. Place netting over your plants to protect them from birds getting near them and feasting on your harvest. 
  • Bird feeders. Providing birds with alternative food sources helps them get the food they need without harming your plants.
  • Scare tactics. Keep birds away with scarecrows or predator statues to claim the space and scare off birds. 
  • Liquid bird repellent. Simply spraying your plants with a non-toxic repellent will prevent birds from eating your plants without harming the plant itself. 

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How Avian Control Can Help

Avian Control is a long-lasting liquid bird repellent. Most importantly, it is EPA-registered and non-toxic. This will keep your plants safe and any humans or pets hanging around your backyard. 

Our effective, easy to apply spray lasts up to 14 days and is sure to keep birds from eating your plants. Shop today or contact us at 888.868.1982 to talk with one of our experts today.

Do Birds Eat Plants? What Birds Do To Your Yard