Eco-Friendly Bird Control For Your Business

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While birds can cause serious issues to your business’s landscapes and parking lots, a lot of the methods for removing them are harmful to both the bird and the environment. In honor of Earth Day, here are some eco-friendly ways to conveniently remove birds from your property.

1. Research What Birds Are On Your Property

Birds are often protected under state and federal, make sure the birds you’re trying to remove aren’t protected before you begin. Identify the types of species invading your business that way it can help you decide on how you want to remove them.

2. Eco-Friendly Ways To Become Bird-Free

There are dozens of ways to remove birds from your property or corporate business. Here are some methods that are eco-friendly and humane to birds:

Plastic Bird Spikes- Great for use around ledges of buildings, plastic spikes aren’t harmful to birds like their steel cousins.

Propane Noise Makers- Noise makers are a harmless solution for bird control. They can be expensive and require maintenance.

Reflective Bird Tape- Reflective tape has been used for decades and works by flashing light and making unfirmilar noises to birds, scaring them away.

Liquid Bird Repellents- Liquid bird repellents work by applying the spray to bird infested areas, comprised of ingredients that are unpleasant to birds. Keep in mind not all liquids are eco-friendly.

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3. Try EPA-Registered Avian Migrate Liquid Bird Repellent

Avian Migrate is a non-lethal and eco-friendly solution to removing birds from your business. It’s composed of food grade ingredients that are unpleasant to birds and geese. Applications can be done via portable spray pumps and results will last up to two weeks outdoors.

The spray is harmless to other animals, humans and plants that it comes in contact. Avian Migrate’s most unique feature is that its spray contains a colorant only visible to birds. This colorant teaches birds that the area is applied with ingredients that will irritate them, perfect for to keep your greens bird-free and parking lots free of unwanted bird droppings!

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4. Keep The Birds Away on Earth Day!

Whether it’s Earth Day or not, it’s always a good idea to use bird control methods that won’t harm the birds or the environment. Help keep the birds away from your commercial property in an eco-friendly and humane way with Avian Enterprises bird repellent, Avian Migrate.

Eco-Friendly Bird Control For Your Business
Keep the birds away from your property using methods that won't harm birds or the environment.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Eco-Friendly Bird Control For Your Business