Fun Thanksgiving Decorations That Will Keep the Birds at Bay

Scarecrow in the field

It’s time to put away the Halloween decorations and pull out the Thanksgiving ones! We are two weeks away from Thanksgiving and couldn’t be more excited to stuff our faces with turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. Here are three away to jazz up your Thanksgiving decorations that will keep the birds at bay.

#1 – Build Your Own Scarecrow

This is the oldest and most popular trick in the book. Since you are causing no harm to the birds people tend to gravitate toward this tactic to keep birds away. However, birds are smart creatures so to make this tactic most effective consistently keep moving the scarecrow around the location you wish to keep the birds away. We recommend spicing up your scarecrows wardrobe based on seasons or with each holiday season.

Pro tip: Change the outfit of your scarecrow to keep the birds guessing if they are okay to be around. 


#2 – Cut Out of a Turkey

Most of the time we try to use a predatory animal cut out when trying to scare birds. But for Thanksgiving we can try to have a little fun, right? You could even put a knife and fork in their hand to make it seem like they are going to hunt them.

#3 – Add Motion Activated Lights or Flashy Lights

Like most of us we don’t like unexpected things, birds can agree with this. So if you place motion activated lights around your decorations this will startle birds. And keep them from destroying anything.

When in Doubt Spray them Out

When you have tried just about everything and think there is nothing else, don’t fret! Avian Control is here to help. One of the most effective ways to keep nuisance birds at bay. It teaches birds to stay away from your property. Contact us for more information and give us a try, we won’t disappoint.

Fun Thanksgiving Decorations That Will Keep the Birds at Bay
Learn how Avian Control can keep birds in your area at bay.
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Fun Thanksgiving Decorations That Will Keep the Birds at Bay