How to Get Rid of Bluebirds


  • Simple scare tactics
  • Dig a little deeper
  • Call in the experts

Bluebirds can be the biggest pests. They are territorial and will eat anything in their path. Making them leave your yard can be very difficult. If you want them gone, here are some tactics you can try.

Scare the Bluebirds Away

There are a variety of different items you could use to frighten the pests away. The number one rule of scare tactics, though, is to move them. If those pesky birds know your objects aren’t moving, they’ll no longer be afraid. Some common scaring devices, include:

  • Water: sprinklers that go off when birds land
  • Reflective materials: hang old CDs, streamers, etc. off of trees
  • Decoys: place faux owls, foxes and other predators around your yard and more!

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Change the Landscapebird bath

If your birds are particularly unafraid, you may need to take a more permanent step. Take away things in your yard that bluebirds are attracted to. Remove any feeders and if you have any open water on your property, fill it. Most importantly, cover any areas where they could nest.

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Bring in an Expert to Get Rid of the Bluebirds

If your at-home methods aren’t cutting it, it may be time to call in an expert. Trained wildlife specialists will come out and help relocate these bluebirds. Keep in mind, it may take several visits to completely remove the bluebirds from your property. Here are a few ways that wildlife control can remove your pesky birds, including:

  • Catching the birds and releasing them into a new area
  • Bringing in a predator bird to fly around and scare them away
  • Destroying nests and eggs, and more.

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Rely on Avian Enterprises to Remove the Bluebirds

Try a product that is easy-to-use, cost effective and long-lasting. Avian Fog Force TR offers you a time-released bird deterrent that you can set and forget. Don’t spend days changing your yard or moving objects around. As low as $12.50 per acre, you can protect your yard without breaking the bank. Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

How to Get Rid of Bluebirds
Learn how to get rid of bluebirds with help from Avian Enterprises.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
  • Prevents pest birds from damaging crops, business and airport structures and golf courses
  • Non-lethal and mild enough to use around people and animals
  • Low cost treatment–as little as $12.50 per acre!
  • Simple application via ground, aerial spraying or fogging
  • Effective for up to two weeks for outdoor applications–and much longer for indoor!

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How to Get Rid of Bluebirds