Headaches That Birds Can Cause an Airport

Birds can be a beautiful sight but they can also be looked upon as a serious problem. These problems are even more prevalent in airports. Not only can birds cause headaches and health hazards to workers and customers, but they also are threats to the aircraft.

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Dangers Involving An Aircraft

A bird strike involves a collision between an individual or flock of birds with an aircraft. No matter the size of the bird or aircraft, a strike can be dangerous. According to Birdstrike Committee USA, bird and other wildlife strikes to air crafts result in over $900 million in damage to US civil and military aviation every year. Being proactive and preventing birds from access to runways and airports can not only save money but also save lives.

Health Hazards From Birdsplane-889813_1280

Bird droppings can contain diseases like salmonella and psittacosis causing potential harm to employees and guests. Regular cleanings of equipment and property can be a short term solution, but investing in a long term solution like a liquid bird repellent will save the company time and money.

Awareness of Surrounding Areas

Airports provide a good amount of nesting area from their landscaping or buildings. However, an airport isn’t just runways and watchtowers. There are also ponds and trees that can attract birds, who are always on the lookout for new nesting areas. Think ahead and search the areas of your property that will potentially attract birds.

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Invest in Avian Control With Liquid Bird Repellent

Avian Control’s EPA-registered liquid bird repellent can either be fogged or sprayed and is ideal for airplane hangars and large properties. Some advantages to using Avian Control are:

  • Low treatment costs
  • Non-lethal and mild enough for use around people and other animals
  • Prevention of birds loitering on airport runways, open spaces and structures
  • Reduction in bird droppings on your airport grounds and equipment

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Contact Avian Control and Get Started

Be proactive and let Avian Control’s liquid bird repellent help fix your pest bird problems. Don’t let those birds wreck havoc on your airport anymore and contact us at 888.868.1982, you can also shop online at shop.aviancontrol.com.

Headaches That Birds Can Cause an Airport
Birds can ruin your airport if you don't take precautions. Follow these tips to safely protect your land.
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Headaches That Birds Can Cause an Airport