Helpful Tips to Protect Your Apple Orchards

Apple Orchard
  • Bird Netting
  • Creating Noisemakers
  • Fake Scarecrows or Owls
  • Shiny Objects
  • Avian Control liquid bird repellent

Fall is here and apple orchards are a very popular place to visit with your family and friends. Getting excited to pick a fresh apple and eating a doughnut while drinking apple cider makes anyone excited for fall. But you don’t want the birds ruining your orchard. Learn how you can keep birds away with Avian Control’s tips on how to protect your apple orchards from birds.

Preventive Methods to Save Your Apples

Pest birds can be a pain for any apple business. The types of birds that typically h
ang around apple orchards and cider mills are geese, crows and ducks. Every year, thousands of apples go to waste because birds peck holes into them and they start to rot. You can start getting rid of birds with a variety of techniques. Some short-term bird deterrent ideas to try include:

  • Bird NettingSparrow
  • Hanging Noisemakers
  • Making Scarecrows or Owls
  • Create Scare Tactics – hanging shiny objects

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Bird Repellents for Apple Orchards

Spraying bird repellent is the most effective way to keep the birds off of your apple property. Using Avian Control to protect your apples is the best way because our product can be sprayed or fogged and is safe to use around humans, crops and other animals. This repellent is EPA-registered and has longer-lasting results than other bird repellent methods.

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Pick Your Apples In Peace With Avian Control

Choosing Avian Control to help protect your apple orchards will help save your trees and generate revenue for the fall season. This repellent is cost-effective because it is only $12.50 per acre and lasts for up to two weeks. Contact us for more information or visit our shop to see how we can help save your apple production.

Helpful Tips to Protect Your Apple Orchards
Protect your apple orchards from pest birds with these methods.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Helpful Tips to Protect Your Apple Orchards