Helpful Ways To Keep Birds Out Of Your Trees

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Trees are more than just part of our natural landscape, they provide food and shelter for many animals, especially birds. Birds utilize trees for nesting, feeding, and mating. While they may be entertaining to view, they can damage tree growth and the aesthetic beauty. Follow these suggestions to learn how to keep birds out of trees.

What Is Attracting Birds?

To effectively keep birds away from your property, it’s important to find out what’s attracting them. Trees make great spots for birds to nest, but they also attract our winged friends for other reasons too. Birds often flock to trees to find food or to mate. If birds are disturbing your trees, implement prevention methods at the source of the issue. If your trees offer a food source, try preventing birds from getting to the fruit using methods like netting or caging. 

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How Birds Can Harm Trees

Birds hanging around your trees may be exciting for bird watchers and those who enjoy being serenaded in the morning, but you may find loud birds to be annoying and want them removed. Unfortunately, birds can bring more problems than just noise, they can also cause damage to your property. They can harm trees in many ways:

  • Droppings. Bird droppings can be very problematic, as they can carry diseases that become toxic to plants and their surroundings. Allowing droppings to build up tends to weigh down tree branches, potentially causing damage. 
  • Prevent growth. Sometimes, birds perching can stunt growth on newer trees. Research shows there’s often breakage to treetops when birds hang around before the branches are strong enough to support them. 
  • Holes. Certain types of birds are notorious for pecking holes into tree bark. Over time, this can become aesthetically unappealing to your property. This damage is referred to as sapsucker damage, often caused by woodpeckers and other sapsucker birds. 

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How To Keep Birds Out Of Trees

Sending birds away doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are several preventative measures that you can take to deter birds from your trees:

  • Animal decoys: Predator birds and animals (owls, hawks, coyotes) can scare nuisance birds like sparrows and starlings away.
  • Netting: Blocks birds from plants and trees.
  • Shiny objects: Tying old CDs, foil lids and tin will distract them from landing or nesting.
  • Electronic devices: This method sends a signal, directing birds in another direction.

The Most Effective Bird Control Method

While many of these methods work, they typically don’t have a long-lasting effect. Animal decoys can be expensive and require you to relocate frequently and netting can develop large holes over time that allows the birds access to the tree. The most effective and efficient form of bird control is liquid bird-repellent.

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Why Liquid Bird Repellent?

Liquid bird repellent is an effective and efficient form of bird repellent that is great for long-term results. It deters birds from nesting in or landing on the treated areas around trees or homes and has a simple application process. It’s suitable to use for many types of birds and maintains the look of surfaces without a visible residue.

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Helpful Ways To Keep Birds Out Of Your Trees