How to Protect Your Farm Buildings From Birds


Birds can cause many different problems when they invade your farm buildings. From stealing food to potentially carrying diseases, birds can create many issues for you and your animals. Here are a few ways to make sure birds stay out of your farm buildings this year..

Bye-Bye Birdies

There are a lot of different methods you can use to get birds out of your farm buildings. Each method uses different tactics to startle and deter birds from returning to your property. Not all bird repellents are alike. While some may work best on a smaller scale others may require a longer time-frame with larger applications. Some bird repellent solutions are:

Barriers: Barriers can include spikes, nets, ramps or any other material that stops birds from landing on or in your buildings. You will want to place barriers anywhere birds can enter your farm buildings. While this method can be useful, it is not effective if you have open farm buildings.

Visual Deterrents: Visual displays can be used to frighten birds away from your farm buildings. Wind-chimes, animal decos or shiny objects can be used. However, this is not an effective method if your buildings are large or spread apart.

Sound Machines: Sound deterrents or machines include both predatory bird or distressed bird calls. These are played through a speaker to frighten birds from entering your farm buildings. This method not only can be agitating to your neighbors, but become an annoyance to your farm due to the repeated sounds.

Liquid Bird Repellent: Liquid bird repellent is a great way to rid birds from your property. These repellents can be sprayed or fogged and prevent birds from entering treated areas. They are invisible to the eye and work for longer periods of time.

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Why Liquid Bird Repellent?

Liquid bird repellents are a great method to deter birds from your farm buildings. This method is usually invisible to the human eye and has long lasting effects. When choosing a liquid bird repellent, you may want to consider the following:

  • Is it non-lethal? – Bird repellent should deter birds without causing harm. Read up on the product you are considering and make sure it is non-lethal.
  • Is it safe for surrounding area?/b> – Liquid bird repellents should not harm surrounding animals, humans or even crops. You want to make sure that the repellent you are using won’t change the color or taste of your crops.
  • Is it environmentally friendly? – While this may not seem like a priority, it could be important for your farm crops. Look for liquid bird repellents that are EPA-registered. These do not contain ingredients that will harm the environment and thus won’t harm your crops..

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Rid Your Farm of Birds With Avian Control

Get birds out of your farm buildings today with Avian Control. Avian Control liquid bird repellent is non-lethal and causes no damage to the surrounding environment. By irritating the pain center in a bird’s brain,Avian Control stops birds from entering your farm buildings for good. Fly over to our store today!

How to Get Birds Out of Farm Buildings
Try these tips to get pest birds out of your farm buildings.
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How to Protect Your Farm Buildings From Birds