How to Keep Birds Out of Garages and Sheds

While birds may be pleasant guests to have in your backyard or garden, they can easily become a long-term nuisance when they stake a claim in your shed or garage. Often undetected for weeks or months at a time, birds will build scrappy new nests year-round when you least expect them. Here are a few ways to successfully keep birds outside of your buildings.

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HawkUse Visuals to Stop Unwanted Birds

Birds will be deterred by the sight of their natural predators, so using visuals can be an effective way to stop birds from taking over your garage or shed. This is a harmless and inexpensive option for bird control. Visuals you can use include:

  • Silhouettes (wooden replicas) of hawks, owls and
    other predatory birds
  • Plastic coyotes, foxes or raccoons
  • Barriers between windows or awnings
  • Windsocks or shiny objects to distract pest birds

Install Netting to Reduce Bird Access to Openings

Netting can be placed in the windows and eaves of your garages and sheds where birds might be gaining access inside. Use the netting to fill holes and crevices that would otherwise allow birds to enter.

The netting can also be placed around the sills and beams where birds will try to nest. Good netting should be made of high-quality, durable polypropylene. Make sure it is attached securely so that birds cannot move around it. Netting comes in different colors, and you can choose one that will blend in nicely with the surroundings. While netting may seem cumbersome, it is usually a very effective solution.

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barnPut Up Obstacles to Prevent Landing Altogether

If a bird can’t land on the roof or surface of your shed or garage to begin with, it will likely choose a new location to build a nest and get comfortable. Here are several ways to prevent birds from landing on the roof of your garage or shed:

  • Boards – Place on the ledge of your garage or shed at an angle over 45 degrees.
  • Glazes – Coat the roof of the building with a glaze that dries to a hard, slippery finish.
  • Bird wire – Place bird wire along the roof or ledge of the building.

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Use Avian Control to Safely Repel Birds

If the above methods are cumbersome, ineffective or just unappealing to you, you can consider using a liquid bird repellent. Often used professionally on airports and farms, this simple and effective method of bird control protects your property in a way that is harmless to humans, birds and other animals. With Avian Control liquid bird repellent, you can can easily stop birds from ever getting into your shed or garage.

How to Keep Birds Out of Garages and Sheds
Get rid of pest birds in your garages and sheds with these tips.
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How to Keep Birds Out of Garages and Sheds