How to Keep Geese Off Your Lakefront

  • Fence off the area
  • Scare them away
  • Modify the land

Geese are pests who make a mess everywhere they go. To them, your open waterfront offers safety and a good place to nest, which poses challenges when trying to get them to vacate. These simple and effective tactics can keep unwanted geese away from your lakefront.

Build a Goose Fencegeese

Stop geese from entering your property from the water. Install stakes in the ground around your waterfront, then tie a yellow or white rope to each. This method works by keeping the geese from getting too close. Keep in mind, they can still enter your waterfront from other directions.

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Scare Geese Away

A common tactic to keep geese away from your lakefront is to scare them. Geese will ferociously protect their young, and will be hesitant to enter any location where they feel unsafe. Some common scare tactics include:

  • Decoy animals: Place predatory animals, owls, etc. around desired area
  • Reflective objects: Hang mylar streamers near the water
  • Noise makers: Use shell crackers or sound machines that play predator noises

TIP: Remember to mix up your tactics and move them around on a weekly basis. If geese become used to your scare tactics, the effects will eventually wear off.

Change Up the Area

Deter geese from entering your lakefront property by modifying the landscape. Geese love open areas that allow them to see potential predators headed their way. Obstruct their view by planting tall grasses and bushes. By planting them along the edge of the water, it becomes an automatic no-go for geese. However, while this may keep the geese off your land, it can make it harder for you to access the water as well.

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Use An Effective Liquid Bird Repellent

Don’t hassle with difficult scare tactics or unsightly shrubs. Avian Migrate, a product of Avian Enterprises, prevents geese from entering your property from any direction. It’s EPA-registered and teaches the nuisance geese to steer clear of your land. It’s gentle enough to be used around people, plants and other animals. Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

How to Keep Geese Off Your Lakefront
Learn how to keep geese away from your lakefront with Avian Enterprises.
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How to Keep Geese Off Your Lakefront