How to Prepare for Spring Garden Planting

With frost thawing and birds chirping, the end of the winter season is the perfect time to prepare your garden for spring! Whether you are a beginning gardener or a seasoned expert, there are many helpful tips for making the most out of your spring garden. Read on to learn how you can prepare for planting a beautiful and luscious display of fruits, vegetables and flowers this spring!

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Be Sure to Do Your Spring Cleaning

One of the most beneficial steps you can take in preparing for the spring planting season is to declutter and polish all of your tools and locations for gardening. If you have a greenhouse, be sure to hose down and wash the inside walls of the structure to provide the best environment for plants to grow. If you are primarily planting your garden outside, here are a few necessary steps to take before starting your spring garden planting:Bird Repellent for Spring

  • Clean dirt and grime off of gardening tools
  • Remove debris and overgrowth from flower beds
  • Cut back dead grasses and plants from lawns
  • Fix broken fences, trellises and flower boxes

Choose the Right Variety of Bulbs and Seeds

Before embarking on your journey to planting a healthy spring garden, it is important to know which varieties of seeds and bulbs to plant at the right time. If kept in a heated area or greenhouse during the later winter months, you can start planting seeds that have a long growing season, like peppers, Geraniums and eggplant. Early spring is ideal for planting vegetables such as celery, beets and cauliflower, while late spring is best for planting summer-growing plants like pumpkins and tomatoes.

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Keep Birds Out of GardenCultivate and Fertilize Soil for the Most Growth

Preparing for spring garden planting is made much more productive with cultivated and fertilized soil. Cultivating involves breaking up the top layer of soil to allow for penetration of air and warmth, allowing roots to more easily soak up nutrients. The amount of fertilizer and cultivation necessary will depend on the types of flowers and crops you will be planting, as well as the depth of flower beds and seeders.

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Prevent Pests from Getting the Best of Your Garden

A surefire way to encounter setbacks during your spring garden planting is by losing seedlings and buds to nuisance pests like insects, birds and other wildlife. Make sure you control pests by finding a method of pest control that won’t harm the growth of your plants or garden. Bird control, in particular, can be made easier with scarecrows and decoys, netting and bird repellents.

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How to Prepare for Spring Garden Planting
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How to Prepare for Spring Garden Planting