How To Repel Barn Swallows During Cold Months

There aren’t many birds as determined as the barn swallow. Swallows eat insects and are known to build nests in and around barns and other structures. While these birds are largely tolerated because they feed on insects that people are generally annoyed by, one location they are not welcome is in your barn. Because of federal regulations, it’s important to know some safe and legal ways to repel barn swallows during the upcoming cold months. Here’s everything you need to know about legal barn swallow bird control.

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Illegal Barn Swallow Bird Control Methods

While it is important to keep barn swallows out of your barns, it’s just as important to know what you can and can’t do to ensure the birds stay away. Like many birds, the swallow is a federally protected species and the following bird control measures are illegal:barn swallow bird control

  • Shooing them away
  • Spraying nests with water
  • Knocking down nests with any tool

Your best bet is to prevent barn swallows from nesting in or around your barn altogether using bird control prevention methods. Avian Control offers some simple alternative bird control methods below!

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1. Hang Plants Under Eaves

Typically, a barn swallow will start building its nest with mud and feathers under the eaves of a barn, but they will also use other 90-degree angles under bridges and porch roofs. Hanging plants under the eaves of your barn or home inhibits the swallow’s ability to build nests altogether.

barn swallow bird deterrent

2. Create an Uncomfortable Atmosphere

Reports on barn swallow occupation have described some really infested barns – upwards of 55 barn swallow nests in just one barn! While they only use it for a short while, those numbers can cause a lot of damage. Placing items like tin foil or wind socks in the area creates a lot of motion around potential nest spaces which will deter birds from settling down.

3. Set Up Angled Blockades

One of the biggest issues with swallows is that once they have their nests built, they guard them fiercely, going so far as to fly at and chase people off. Often, the nests are built around doorways that make it difficult to enter and exit those spaces. Take away access to 90-degree angles around the barn openings and inside the barn by placing the following materials on an angle that makes it difficult for birds to latch onto:

  • Smooth metal sheet
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood two-by-fours get the job done, too!

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4. Create Alternative Habitats

We tend to see swallows in and around our homes and barns during the winter months because swallows build their nests for the specific purpose of sheltering their young during the cold season. Create an alternative habitat somewhere else on your property for swallows to build nests.

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5. Use Liquid Bird Repellent Spray to Repel Barn Swallows

As we’ve indicated, your best bet in keeping barn swallows out of your barns is prevention. Hanging plants and taking away spaces are great methods of deterring these determined birds, but the most effective method is Avian Control. Avian Control bird repellent is easy to use and will keep swallows away from your barn. It’s non-lethal and won’t hurt any birds or any animals you may have in your barn. Avian Control is easily sprayed and can last up to two weeks with just one application. This fall as you prepare for winter, prepare for barn swallows by using Avian Control and rest easy knowing your barn is bird-free. Contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information or order Avian Control, today!

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Avian Control is a safe liquid bird deterrent that keeps birds away from barns and other spaces. Use it for all your bird control needs and watch as your property becomes bird-free.
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How To Repel Barn Swallows During Cold Months