Keep Birds Out Of Your Dairy Barn

cows in a dairy barn

Dairy barns can be a bird magnet if the right precautions aren’t taken. And if unaddressed, it can lead to more expensive issues that you’ll have to fix. Here are some actions you can take if troublesome birds are lurking around or have begun to nest in your dairy barn.

What Kind Of Birds Can You Expect To Find?

There are a few common birds that tend to inhabit barns during different times of the year, they are as follows:

  • Swallows
  • Starlings
  • Pigeons
  • Sparrows
  • Doves 
  • Barn Owls

It’s important to know what birds are finding a home in your barn so that you can know how to combat their nesting plans. 

Why Birds Can Be A Cause For Concern

Having birds nesting in your barn can be more than just an eyesore for you. Flocks of birds nesting in your barn can hurt you financially if they start eating your feed for cattle. Also, bird droppings are more than just an issue of cleanliness — droppings can spread diseases to cattle, and even humans. It’s important to keep the barn free of droppings if you find that birds are starting to make your dairy barn home.

Bird Proof Your Dairy Barn

One of the first steps you can take when dealing with nesting birds, is to bird proof your dairy barn. The number one reason birds come and stay is food. Keep your dairy barn tidy by keeping food in covered and sealed containers. With the food covered and the barn clean, troublesome birds won’t have anything to snack on or a reason to stay for a long period of time. 

Also, consider using plastic strips on large entryways where it is common for birds to enter. Hang at the top of entry points to hinder birds from finding a nesting place in your barn. Besides main entry points, make sure to patch holes in the roof, and to fill in small openings and crevices. Starlings and sparrows like to nest in small cavities, so patch where possible to make their preferred nesting spot an impossible option. 

Anti-perching Devices

Similarly to closing cavities in the barn, you can also install anti-perching devices in the rafters and in areas where birds like to nest. These devices are simple fixtures set on top of rafters that lay at a 45-degree angle and prevent birds from nesting. An added benefit is they are not harmful like shock devices or bird spikes. 

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Use Noises Birds Won’t Likecow in a field

Placing sounds deterrents around the barn can be a way to scare off birds. Birds tend to stay away from noises they don’t like. Birds also communicate through sound so mocking that can create the idea that there is a dangerous situation and keep birds away from where they should be. Make sure to change the sounds often as birds may become accustomed to the noise and begin to ignore it. 

Reach Out To A Wildlife Expert

Sometimes going to the experts is the best route in this situation. They understand how birds nest and migrate and can be the best plan of action in this situation. Experts can also help remove the birds safely if other methods are not successful.

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    Keep Birds Out Of Your Dairy Barn