How To Prevent Birds From Nesting In Hanging Plants

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Hanging plants are a simple way to spruce up any area of your property. These flowers make for beautiful decorations without the hassle of digging and planting in the ground. Whether you place them on your porch or on hooks around your yard, birds may flock to them. The height of hanging baskets allows birds to access them easily. Follow these six tips to learn how to keep birds from nesting in hanging plants

How To Keep Birds Out Of Hanging Plants Using Citrus Cotton Balls

Citrus is a scent that is too strong for birds and will scare them off. An easy way to place the smell of citrus near your hanging plants is by using cotton balls. Take citrus oil or another citrus product and soak the cotton balls so they can retain as much oil as possible. Once the cotton balls are placed in the hanging plant, they’ll work as a deterrent without being visible from the outside. This way, your hanging basket will still look great while the citrus-soaked cotton balls are working to repel birds from the area. 

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How To Prevent Birds From Nesting In Hanging Plants Using Reflective Materials

Birds are known to be scared of their own reflection. Knowing this makes it easy to take advantage of this fear to protect your plants. Placing reflective materials around a bird infested area can scare them off and keep them from nesting near your home. Some materials to try include:

  • Old CDs: The backside of a compact disc offers a reflective surface that can scare birds away. Hanging old CDs is a useful way to reuse an item you may not need anymore.
  • Aluminum: Using aluminum pan tins or foil can deter birds from your plants. Try lining the inside of your hanging basket with aluminum foil to keep them away. 
  • Reflective tape: Place tape around the base or basket of your hanging plant. This will create a unique style of decoration while also deterring birds from your property. 
  • Reflective streamers: Streamers can be placed inside, around or next to your hanging plants. The reflective surface will prevent birds from setting up shop inside your hanging plants. 

How To Keep Birds From Nesting In Hanging Plants With Wind Chimes 

In a similar space to where you are hanging your plants, try hanging wind chimes. The sound produced by wind chimes is known to scare off birds and other animals. This can prevent them from wanting to nest near your hanging plants. 

Adding wind chimes to your yard or porch will double as decor and bring charm to the space. Some are available in stainless steel or mirrored, reflective pieces. Choosing a reflective chime can work as a double duty bird deterrent. 

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How To Prevent Birds From Nesting In Hanging Plants Using Wire

Setting up physical barriers is another option to repel birds. Surrounding your plants with wiring will block entry points for birds looking to nest. When it comes to hanging plants, installing wire should be done on a smaller scale than it would for a garden or farm. Use the wire to line your hanging plants, protecting them from nesting birds. Effective forms of wire to try are:

  • Porcupine wire
  • Chicken wire
  • Fishing line
  • Wire mesh
  • Stainless steel

Some wire types, such as porcupine wire, have rows of needles that make it difficult for birds to land. Without a spot to hang out, birds will move on and find someplace else to nest. 

How To Keep Birds Out Of Hanging Plants With Bird Spikes

Similar to wire, spikes can prevent birds from landing on surfaces where they are unwanted. Bird spikes come in either stainless steel or plastic material. Setting up these spikes will deter birds from perching on your hanging plants without harming them. When installing bird deterrents, it’s important not to harm birds in the process. Under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), it is illegal to destroy nests with birds or bird eggs inside. 

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How To Prevent Birds From Nesting In Hanging Plants With Liquid Bird Repellent 

A safe, effective way to keep birds out of hanging plants is by using a liquid bird repellent. This is done by spraying the plants with a repellent that is formulated to irritate the bird’s brain without causing harm. This will disorient them so they don’t return to your property. By using a repellent spray, you won’t have to worry about installing other methods that may disrupt the beauty of your hanging plants. 

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How To Prevent Birds From Nesting In Hanging Plants