How to Keep a Woodpecker Away

Are woodpeckers taking over your home or wood cabin? The woodpecker is not only loud, but the holes created by pecking can also lead to an insect infestation. Woodpeckers are most active in the spring months, although they usually stay in the same location all year, so now is the time to gain control over this loud bird. Keep woodpeckers away from your home and other locations this season with these simple tips.

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Treat Your Home Regularly for Bugs and Holes

If your home has bugs, it may increase the number of woodpeckers trying to peck into your house. The woodpeckers will see your home as a quick and easy source of food. If woodpeckers are already drilling holes into the wood, it will encourage other woodpeckers to join. Due to numerous holes, the bug count will continue to grow and encourage more woodpeckers to your home, developing a damaging cycle. Stopping the cycle is as easy as:

  • Using preventative measures in the fall to avoid winter woodpecker lodging
  • Calling the exterminator at the first sign of a bug infestation
  • Perform a thorough check around the home before each season
  • Plug up any and all holes to avoid a woodpecker invasion

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Use Scare Tactics to Keep Woodpeckers Away

For as much noise as the woodpecker makes, they are also afraid of other loud noises and shiny objects. Use one of these tactics to scare the woodpecker away:

  • Use a motion detector that plays a loud noise when it senses a nearby bird
  • Play a recording of predator bird calls – they don’t have to be loud, just intimidating
  • Plastic molds of birds of which the woodpecker is afraid – for best results, try moving the mold to a different location every morning
  • Place shiny windmills or other pieces of aluminum in places the woodpecker frequently visits

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Treating Woodpeckers with Avian Control

Rather than combining the above treatments for a prefered result, try Avian Control. The EPA-registered liquid bird repellent is easier and quicker to use than other bird deterrent products and is safe to use around people, agriculture and other animals.  Contact Avian Control today to purchase your own liquid bird-deterrent spray at 888.868.1982 or sales@aviancontrol.com.

How to Keep a Woodpecker Away
Let Avian Enterprises teach you how to keep woodpeckers away.
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How to Keep a Woodpecker Away